ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Obama Elected -US Must Avoid A Mistake Made 2000 Years Ago



I am not politically motivated nor do I have any interest in the candidates or their policies. However, I was on occasion drawn to the debates later on in the 2008 US presidential election. I had the opportunity to hear one or two of Obama's speeches. I agree with many, that the US election was a trans-world election. Because the US influence is felt throughout the world, what happens in their country affects all of us in some way.

I don't necessarily believe that Obama can turn the country around and it doesn't really matter right now. I do believe that he is the seed of change, and that it is significant that he was elected. The vote for Obama was a clear message from the American people, that they want change. They no longer believe in old politics; it is obvious that it no longer works. For over 200 years the US has lived in a closed system of democracy governed by those who would benefit the most, and is deeply rooted in religious philosophy that is thousands of years old.

A closed system by its very nature is always doomed to extinction because there is not growth. New ideas are the food or energy for new growth. If nothing new is introduced to the system, it comes to an abrupt stop. Very much like filling a car's gas tank and then waiting for it to run out. Even if you did fill it up again, there is only so much a car can do. It will take you along established routes only.

Obama is correct in saying that it will not be him who changes the country or how people live; he will be the facilitator. It must be the people who change. It is the only way that it can work. The country is the way it is because of each individual thought and the collective thoughts of every citizen. Obama's responsibility will be to keep up the momentum of change expressed by the majority. He will constantly need to remind the people that it is they who will effect change; not he.

It has been demonstrated throughout history that what people say they want and how committed to what they want are two different things. Electing a new president who voices the desire for change just brings awareness. He does not have the power to change the beliefs and or desires of the people he governs. He is simply a sign post.

In order for the US people to embrace and manifest change in their country, they must examine and question their basic root thoughts and beliefs. Change will not come if one believes that he can hit himself over the head with a hammer once, and then do it again to get rid of the headache. Albert Einstein said that "you cannot solve any problem in the same state of consciousness in which it was created."

The people of the US base their ideals and decisions on a foundation of Christianity (In God we Trust). It is therefore logical and practical that their day to day decisions in how they govern themselves and the country would be influenced by their religious convictions. It is no more or less significant than any other country whether Muslim, Jewish or something else. Christian faith has brought them to this place that they are experiencing now. Change will not come until that has changed. You cannot live within the same paradigm and expect different results; it just does not work that way. If what you are experiencing is all that you want, then you have chosen well and what you have is what you will always experience. If you want change, then your thought must change. You manifest your experience by the process of thought, word and deed; in that order.

More than 2000 years ago in Christian folklore; a man was born called Jesus. Jesus grew up (supposedly) as a model for human behavior. He performed miracles and magic to demonstrate to his followers the power that is available to each and every believer ("you may do these things and more"). But power only comes to those who are mature enough to accept the responsibility for using it. The people at the time did not understand or accept that teaching. What they did was to create an "Jesus icon" and they gave away their power. They put the burden of using the "God Power" squarely on the shoulders of a man. Thus they did not have to take responsibility for their failures or their own lives. Both failures and successes became the will of God. The intent of Jesus' life was misinterpreted.

Although Obama is not Jesus; his message is basically the same. Once again there is an opportunity for humanity to understand the message and embrace it or again, turn their power over to another man. Obama seems to be very clear about his roll and his responsibility to help manifest the will of the people. But it will not be him that does it. It will be the individual. The change will come with each person's will to change and to move away from old ideas and principals that do not demonstrate that they work. Society no longer has the luxury to point fingers; clearly it has not worked.

There are no victims unless it is victimhood that you wish to experience, and even then it is voluntary at some level of your consciousness. Because there is only one mind which is the sum of all its individual minds, all working together voluntarily to experience any physical event.

Obama is just man charged with the responsibility to awaken and support the change you desire. For all who are reading this, Barack Obama is a symbol of your desire to create a new world "of the people and for the people." He is not the power - you are! He will not have all the answers, but he will be guided by the collective mind of the country.

After 220 years the US is now in a position to move to the next level of its evolution or continue on for another 220 years hitting themselves over the head with the same hammer and wondering why they are still hurting.

All things must change or parish. But first there must be the will and then the opportunity will present itself. It is here now and it is a choice as it always has been. They have brought themselves to a place of power on the planet they live, and with that power comes responsibility for using it. Their success will be measured by helping to develop other nations and countries to also become powerful and self sustaining; with the greater picture of a world brotherhood in mind. Diversity of thought is strength; assimilation is weakness and a path to destruction.

The Dinosaurs cannot be tamed; they must become extinct to make way for the mammals. The old ideas must go to make way for new life. It is not the end of life, but the beginning of a new one. The dinosaurs will return to a new world as mammals, and they will adapt. They will become the new generation once again. Now, near the end of our cycle we are paving the way for that to happen.

Now is the time, you have created the opportunity from necessity; necessity is the mother of invention. New thought creates new experiences. Don't look to God, Jesus or Obama for change.
They have all empowered you to recreate your destiny no matter what it is you choose, or how you perceive it.

Warning: Don't make the same mistake again. Embrace the idea not the man; and then move past the idea.


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