ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


I Am Alive and Well



Did you watch the show "Short Circuit?" It was about a robot created for the military to seek and destroy. Something happened to the robot; some circuits shorted out and it became aware of its existence; it became sentient. The robot which was the 5th robot is a series, gave itself a name and declared throughout the movie that "Number Five is Alive."

To discover that one is alive and to know it, is a unique feeling. It happens to us almost every day. Someone walks bye you and says Hi (Roy) and you feel something. You feel life; it is an indescribable feeling. Another walks bye and says "Roy I read your book;" it is recognition of being alive. They don't have to say whether they liked the book or not, just that they recognized you. They are saying Roy, "I recognize that you are alive" and any comment that may follow is of less importance.

You're in a crowd and someone yells out your name; your heart beats faster and you are filled with anticipation or trepidation. Someone may have recognized you and your spirit once again is reminded that it is connected to another part of itself. Life longs to be recognized. It is like the left arm searching for the right so that it may join again as one.

There is a wonderful story in the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books; it's called "A simple Gesture" and you can find it in the first book of the series. It is a story of how a small gesture of recognition that saved the life of a young school boy who was on his way home to kill himself.
A simple look or glance at someone can send a message of recognition to another and the message will be received; "you are alive and not alone," it is the handshake, the pat one the shoulder, the wink of recognition that stirs the spirit and reminds it of its journey.

Have you even stood with friends and they are busy talking to each other and they have left you out of their conversation? They gaze right through you as though you were not even there. Have you ever stood in a line and someone butts in front of you, and they may sorry, I didn't see you after you said something to them. How does it feel when you are there and no one sees you or hears you?

To ignore someone is the most hurtful thing you can do to anyone; your friend or enemy. It pisses them off and it hurts; it cuts right through to the spirit. Life cannot be ignored and will always find a way to be recognized; many times in almost equally hurtful ways.

This sadly enough happens in many long term relationships. Partners are so used to having each other around that they forget the other one is alive. It is a killer, and a very cruel and hurtful way of being buried alive. Many people will stay in abusive relationships just for the sake of being recognized as alive, no matter how bad the relationship is; at least the abusive partner knows the other one is alive.

This may sound sick to an unenlightened mind; however, it is what life wants. That is why you are here in this physical life. You are here to experience all aspects of a live being and experiencing everything physical. Because in truth there is only one life, not the individualized lives your ego knows; life tries to find itself in all its experiences. Everything is life, whether you call it animate, inanimate, and sentient or not; you will find life in all things. Life cannot deny itself. So when life meets itself it begins to know itself as one thing or the other.

"I AM" is life itself, anything that comes after that is the experience of life. Women often complain about their spouses not recognizing them. Many women have said that there is one thing they long to hear the most; it is the sound of their name. All the endearments or titles they have directed towards them every day cannot compare to the sound of someone calling their name. "I AM" is like that also. Its only desire is to look at you and recognize itself as looking back at itself. I am here and I am there. There is only me and you and we are the same life. Like being in a foreign land, and after an extended period of time, you would love for someone from home to come into your life and say your name. It's extraordinary that even someone you don't particularly like, will all of a sudden become a friend in a foreign place, and it is only because he has reaffirmed your existence and at a very basic and meaningful level of your being - your spirit.

As far fetched as this may sound, it has been the experience of most people. Next time someone says hello to you, waves to you, smiles or taps you on the shoulder, get in touch with your feelings for a second. Try and recognize what you are feeling in the moment; you will with practice be able to identify with the hidden message - "I am alive."

Some may say, well, I know I am alive, I can see myself, I can feel my body or I am in extreme pain, and people are trying to kill me or they are making demands of me; I am very much here and alive - I don't need anyone to tell me I'm alive.

That is a different kind of recognition and it is superficial and ego oriented; it is the results of, or experience of being alive. What you are feeling in the slit second that you are recognized, is your connection to all things and the God or creator that you wish to know. You are once again reaffirmed of your omnipotence and immortality as a spiritual being - being human.

When life recognizes life, it creates joyfulness in the awareness of the ego that is expressed physically. From the greater perspective when you can see that both hands are working together to create what you want, there is less urgency and doubt about your life's purpose. Life is no longer a struggle. It does not excuse you from participating in your life cycle; it just makes it easier, and the fear that you have known throughout your life disappears.

"I am alive and well" no matter what your present circumstances empowers you to change your circumstances. If you are alive and well in Rome, you can change your experience of Rome. If you are alive and well in a relationship, you are empowered to change the experience of that relationship. Acknowledgement of being life in the physical experience empowers you to use all aspects of what life has to offer. You are not what you think you are; you are life itself experiencing what you think you are.


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