ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Evolving Beyond Religion



Religion to the mature adult are as dinosaurs are to a three-year-old. Both are created by a maturing mind that lives in uncertainty times and fear.

   The one thing that parenting should have taught us is that kids go through stages of maturity or evolution that are predictable and understandable. Humanity is the same way. In the bigger picture evolution is not a reality in that all events are probabilities that already exist but not experienced.  

   Intellectual minds do not choose religion intelligently but emotionally. The emotion is based on an intellectual evaluation of one’s own circumstances on a subconscious level, and the ability to handle the power of creation that accompanies this awareness. Because we create our own reality, and what we believe is our truth, religion is a fact of life, and is real for those who believe. But it is only a footprint in the evolution of the individuals own awareness of who or what they are.

   A child embraces his fear of dinosaurs; in his mind they are real. He will begin to collect them and build his new world around them. The subject of dinosaurs will find its way into his every conversation. I have sat in the closet of my son’s bedroom with him many times while we listened to the dinosaurs walk around his room. We also looked for dinosaurs that lived in the woods along the roads less travelled. Dinosaurs represent great strength and power to be both feared and revered by an unaware mind.

   As with most of us, dinosaurs fade away and super heroes take their place. Transformers became my sons new fantasy, and eventually as he grew up; real life heroes took their place. Michael Jordan and Tiger

Woods replaced the two dimensional characters of his maturing mind. The imagination which enveloped the unattainable or untouchable symbols of power, protection, and friendship made way to real life icons that could be physically emulated and realized in practical experience. I was reduced from the lofty position of being God in his life, to being the one who paid for his experiences. 

   Once my son grew up, he slowly discovered that the power to expand and create his own world came from within. And the power to create his life’s circumstances was doled out in measures that he could handle effectively and purposefully while maintaining the status quo and his position in the pecking order.  

   I think you could safely assume the age of a person you meet on the street who is carrying a tyrannosaurus clutched under his arm. In the physical world the objects which we gather around us, are a dead give away of our inner most private thoughts. All objects are thoughts made manifest or created physically in our world so that me may experience the thought. The more we experience the thought physically; the more it becomes our truth and our reality. 

   If you never ate, seen, smelled, or tasted chocolate, how would be describe it? You may have an idea in your head what it is, and someone may have given you an idea of what it is, but you will not know it until you have experienced it with your senses. Your thought is just a thought and nothing more until it is experienced. That is what you are doing everyday of your life. You have thoughts about your job, your family, boss, kids etc, but those thoughts are vague images of what is real in your mind, and eventually they must be experienced to know what they are. 

   It is the purpose of all living things to experience the physical life as this or that and to imagine and experience other aspects of itself. It is the nature of the one mind (consciousness mind) to experience a concept in real time (physical time), and it does that through the illusion of its physical manifestations – the individual living organisms. So, in other words, God (if you will) or the one mind, may conceptualize but not experience anything without you. You are the medium of the physical experience of the creator – you are both the creator and the created. This is not a learning experience but a learned experience recreated in physical form. 

   How does religion fit into the equation? Religion is a physical symbol or experienced step in the process of experiencing an idea. If you meet a person on the street and they are carrying a Bible or other religious symbol; they are declaring themselves as that which is experiencing a religious step of the evolutionary process. It is a step which is not an end unto itself; a step that leads to another step to be experienced. Not unlike the three year old with the dinosaur under his arm, who will eventually move on to a super hero. 

   Religion has been around for thousands of years. It is noteworthy that it is part of the early evolution of man’s ability to create anything he imagines. Humanity uses religion to limit his awesome power, not to explore or experience it. Just as the three year old will fear dinosaurs, he also keeps them very close to him. When he moves past the dinosaur stage his symbols will be replaced with new ones. When man is ready to move to the next level he will also shed the religious symbols which represent his current abilities and level of awareness and the ability to use the creative power which is inherent in greater enlightenment. In other words he will have grown up.

   Gods to not choose dinosaurs as symbols of their total experience or awareness; they choose Godly things. It is not possible to say that you are ready to move to the next stage of your experience while you are clutching onto your old beliefs. There is a Buddhist saying that goes something like, “you cannot put tea into your cup until you have emptied the old tea.” Religion does not grow; it is static, it is boxed and is a symbol or signpost of your evolutionary growth. While you are disempowered, you have no power. While you live in fear, you cannot move to love; fear being its opposite.

   Currently 84% of the world is religious. This symbolizes the thoughts and the evolution of the majority of the world’s conscious beings. It is an obvious step that has determined the worlds experience for the past millennia. The world is still in kindergarten and is moving very slowly in relationship to his life cycles; this is not a judgment but an observation. 

   If man is to explore his full potential then he needs to empty his cup; make way for new ideas, move out of the past and take responsibility for his creations and his power. 

   Religion is the physical manifestation of the emotion - fear. Religion cannot survive without fear. Once you have conquered your fear; religion will disappear and you will be free to explore your creative powers. It is your current thoughts, beliefs, and faith that are manifesting your experience of the world today. Religion is the root source of your beliefs and thoughts for 84% of you. War, fear, vengeance, jealousy, inequity, inequality and anger are the root aspects of religion and it is what you are experiencing now. Love is the carrot or reward for following a religious doctrine, but it is unattainable in a realm of fear. 

   Change your thoughts – change your experience! It is really that simple. It may be simple; but it’s not easy, for once you have moved past help, past hope, and past cure; it leaves only you, and you have been taught to depend on others. You were disempowered at birth and led down the garden path. You have been taught not to trust yourself and not to be a god. Once you have moved past 30, there is little chance of you changing your thoughts, unless something traumatic happens in your life. You will carry what you have known as your truth through the next 30 years of your life with little chance of parole or pardon.


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