ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Teach  a Man to Fish



In the Christian Bible, Jesus taught that you should teach a man to fish so that he could feed himself. Giving a man a fish makes him dependent on you and he is vulnerable to exploitation and becomes disempowered through your generosity.

This philosophy makes perfect sense in a world where men are few and the oceans are abundant with fish; where you are free to hunt and plant your crops. But times are changing and this philosophy of self dependence and freedom to fish and harvest may not work anymore. It has always been wise for men to exploit the land and seas and be independent, but something has happened to change all that.

All living species have the capacity to outgrow their environment so that it will no longer sustain them. Humanity is the only species on this planet that is aware of this fact consciously, and in spite of the growing evidence that this is were he is moving; he chooses to ignore it. Humanity has the self governance to stop its expansion. He has the wisdom of the past and the knowledge to control his growth; but he is not doing it - why?

At one time you could go out to the back of your house and plant a garden. Now the city lots have gotten smaller and there is little room on your sill to hold a pot for your flowers. When I was a child living in the suburbs, everyone had a garden and fruit trees in the yard. Even though some may still have the space, it is more desirable to go to the market and purchase genetically altered fruit. I heard a researcher on the radio some time ago announce that apples have 40% less nutrients today than they did 40 years ago. Most living things are less than they were over that time.

There is very little room for man to hunt and fish anymore. You must now purchase licenses and take classes to learn how. Once you do get your license, you are either put on quotas and or entered into a draw for your turn to engage in the hunt. Humanity has outgrown its ability to sustain itself.

The industrial revolution has taught us consumerism, and consumerism is driving the species to multiply so that their countries can be competitive in a world marked. The Roman Catholic Church was one of the earliest organizations that put having children as a condition to being married. Big populations in the church of course meant new riches for the church and a guarantee of survival for its administrators and clergy. It even included punishments for not producing. Then something even greater happened.

People where encouraged to plant and harvest even more. They were encouraged to purchase machines to make the work easier and faster. Then as the land began to shrink he learned how to genetically alter the food so it would become bigger and last longer after harvest.

Now he is learning to fish something else. He is being taught to exploit his fellow man. To take as much of his riches as possible and make him dependent and powerless. Corporations have learned to overcharge for their goods and services. There is no such thing as an honest profit because honesty is measured differently today. Companies come and go over night, and milking the populations as quickly as possible is the rule. So where is this article going, why am I telling you things you already know?

I am telling you this because you still have control over the companies. You still have the choice to buy from them or not. You still have the ability to reason and look at the damage you have done. Yes, it is you who are doing the damage, not the corporations or the industrial revolution or the policies of any government. When you support business, you endorse what they are doing. Business is the tool you have created to rape the land and exploit its resources. Where there is no demand, there is no supply; no business.

We, as a group, have lost touch with what our needs are and what makes us happy. Our real needs are very few, just food and shelter. We harbor the belief that by purchasing things and keeping up we will be happy, and we have found just the opposite is true. We have stressed ourselves out trying to maintain the status quo. Happiness is something we all have inherently, but it is how we demonstrate it these days that has changed.

There is no way that Bill Gates of Microsoft would be worth 80 billion dollars if he wasn't overcharging for his software. Other corporations, actors, sports figures live excessively, but they are simply the result of your personal thinking and your willingness to support them. Without you and your support they would be just regular people like yourself. It has nothing to do with them making themselves rich, you are giving it to them, because you believe you need what they have to offer you to make yourself happy. You have lost touch with your own happiness. And you are drugging yourselves to help you forget, the spending that is out of hand.

Nature has a foolproof way of controlling our-of-control populations; it destroys them. Floods, forest fires, plagues, famine are nature's way to cull the populations of any species including man. But in truth it is not nature that does it; it is humanity himself. Humanity is not separate from nature; he is nature. He will destroy himself; nature reacts to man's thoughts about his environment. Natural catastrophes or so called acts of God don't happen by chance. These things are controlled by the collective thoughts of humanity.

The more man thinks about how bad he has got it, how little he has, how unhappy he is; the more nature will reflect that thought in his experience. If you don't understand this, if you choose not to believe, then you give up your power to change anything. You become a victim and you will turn to any profit or God for help and guidance. That help or guidance in the past has brought you to this moment or point in time. How is that working for you? Your life now reflects your support of those Gods and profits from the past. It doesn't matter in what you believe or worship if it brings you what you desire. If you don't like what you are experiencing now, you need to question the wisdom of those who would guide you.

If you believe you are powerless; then you will be powerless and a victim of what you believe. You were given dominion over the physical world and what you wanted to do with it. You were empowered to create and use your own wisdom to sustain yourself. Somewhere you gave up, you gave into a philosophy or wisdom that has brought you to this place. The wisdom to change your circumstances is as easy as changing your mind. What you see around you is the manifestation of your own thoughts and those of others. If you wish to see something else; think differently. If you think that you can't; that will be reflected in what you experience. God isn't going to help you; he gave you the power and freedom to bring you to this place that you are in now. You have the same power to change it. He isn't going to change anything; he cannot. You don't have freedom or dominion if someone or some God is pulling your strings. Look to the true power for change. It is all about you, not your neighbour, government or religion.

The next change you will experience in this world will come or not come from your very next thought. What is it that you are thinking now? What is it that you are experiencing? Your destiny and what you will experience in this lifetime and the next will be what you are thinking about now, until you change your mind and choose something else. Your personal power and the time you take to make those changes will be gauged by what you experience. You are the creator; you are God having a physical experience. Take ownership and responsibility for your actions and the power and results will follow. You cannot have the power of a super hero unless you know that you are one. You cannot have the power of God unless you know that you are he/she. Your power is limited in this moment but what you think you are. Practice what you think you are and you will experience that level of awareness.

You have become lazy, complacent and powerless. But this can change with NO EFFORT on your part, and here is how it is done. You don't have to do anything - there is nothing you need to do to change your present circumstances, except for one thing; change your thoughts. That's it! Change your thoughts and the opportunities to manifest those thoughts will come to you. How SIMPLE it that. Forget what everyone has told you all your life about why you can't have what you want.

That is how it is done; it is how it has always been. In your rush to get somewhere, you forgot. You forgot your connection to the each other and the environment.

Many of you will read this and you will not be able to do it. Because you will reason that it is too simply, and you know what; you will be correct, what you will experience is it not working because it is too simple? You will demonstrate what I have just written. Your thoughts determine what you will experience. The bottom line is; think outside the box to experience something different - JUST THINK DIFFERENTLY!

Learn how to fish, or learn how to buy fish at the price the fisherman has set for you. And then find a way to pay for it.  

Roy is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. An international published author, a student of NLP, spiritual philosopher, New Age Light Worker, Teacher and Phenomenologist. Roy's books and articles are thought provoking, and designed to empower your imagination. Review Roy's new book at: