ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


A Model Society Will Not Work



Imagine waking up every day to a world of model citizens, where crime and poverty donít exist and everyone is devoted to a better lifestyle and to improving there experience of it. How great would that be?

   I donít think it would be desirable for anyone as a continuing experience, and it would go against basic human nature.

   I watched a TV show many years ago about such an imaginary society (I believe it was an episode from the original ďStar TrekĒ series). Itís been so long I donít remember the details. However, I remember enough that the image of this society paints a picture in my mind of something that would not work for humanity and points out the true nature of our physical experience.

   In the movie people walked around with broad smiles on there faces; greeting their neighbours with friendly comments. Nobody locked their doors and children played freely in the streets. Life was beautiful and everyone lived in abundance; peace and harmony were the order of the day.

   Although the writers painted a rosy picture of the perfect society; something sinister lingered behind the façade of these model people.

Once a year a great ceremony was observed and it lasted for three days. It was anticipated with great fear and apprehension as the normal behavior of society broke down and order turned into chaos.

   For three days society experienced violence, murder, rape and theft. People locked themselves in their homes and few would venture into the streets, except to join in on the disorder. Everything that the society didnít experience the rest of the year, was experienced during this time of re-acquaintance with human nature.

   I believe that the creator of ďStar TrekĒ Gene Rodenberry had great insight into human nature, his spirit, and the physical experience. This episode was very accurate in depicting manís true nature. Humanity does not fare well with too much of a good thing. It is the nature of man to explore all aspects of his physical life, and when he cannot find what he is looking for; to create it. Society cannot find ultimate contentment in being content. He cannot be satisfied with his own experience for very long and he always wants more.

   Some may argue this point, but I believe the argument would have support from those who have settled for less. Manís nature is to the contrary; he is restless and is driven to expand his awareness and experience. This is self evident from what one can observe in his history and his present circumstances. We are continually pushing barriers.

   Although manís propensity is to improve his experience to higher levels; he needs to be reminded of his past. It is the only way that he can judge his present awareness as one thing or the other. An example would be; if a person moved from poverty to unlimited wealth and was never reminded about his poverty, he would soon forget that he was wealthy. Wealth would become normal and given no thought. Wealth would no longer be experienced. The aspects of wealth would continue to be experienced, but wealth would not be without the awareness of poverty. All things are relative to another. Poor people can also experience wealth when relative to someone that is even poorer than they.

   Likewise man would soon forget that he lives in a perfect society if he was not reminded of it. Once he has forgotten his past, his present moment and future are dubious. When you donít know where you came from you soon forget where you are headed. If you started out from the south, you would soon forget that you are heading north.

   I donít believe that humanity would be content with being reminded of his past for very long; he would have to experience it. It is not the nature of man to know anything, but to experience everything. Knowing that there is life on other planets does not satisfy man, he must experience that life, other circumstances, places and things. Man is a creator and he creates and experiences what he thinks about. Humanity must experience its past so that it may continue with its future.

   This is not so far fetched as it sounds. It is evidenced now, in this world and the way we live. As a whole, humanity is experiencing all that he is capable of in the same time and place. All things imagined in his thoughts he is manifesting now. Life, death, abundance, poverty, the enlightened, the unenlightened, the aware and the unaware; all things exist now. We are constantly being reminded of who and what we are in relationship to others and our environment. If this was not desirable then you would see the haves sharing with the have-nots and leveling the playing field.

   Going back to less is not desirable for most people. But neither is having the less have more, because that would mean that our more becomes less because there is nothing to compare it to. With this equalizing we would soon forget that there is more. Man must always want more, and he experiences that wanting by having less.

   Geneís Star Trek episode reminds us that all things exist in manís imagination. That he must experience everything in order to give meaning to anything. Having it all has little meaning unless he can experience having nothing. Creating life has no meaning unless he can take it, and peace cannot exist without the experience of war. As a society we experience these things personally and altruistically. We create and experience war, poverty, rape, violence, through our media; if you are watching it Ė you are experiencing and sharing in its creation.

   I am not suggesting that we accept these things. What I am saying is that if there is no awareness of our true nature, then there is no where to go; there is nothing to change. Even with this awareness man has not demonstrated that he has any desire to change his experiences. We are doing the same things we have done since we crawled out of the sea. There is still a huge disparity between peoples all over the world. They are this way because it is how humanity wants to experience itself.

   Knowing this; is it possible to change our true nature? Is it our desire to live in the perfect society? If we are explorers and creators, is it acceptable to give up our power to any god that there might be? Man has clearly shown that he does not want to give up his power; by demonstrating how important it is to him to disempower others of his own kind, he is in direct contradiction to his own nature.

   Humanity lives in a paradox of which the only purpose is to keep him moving. That is what life is all about; it is thought in motion. He is chasing his tail in a never ending quest to find out why he is doing it.

How he goes about it clearly demonstrates the sophistication of his awareness; but it does not discontinue the chase.


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