ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Our Past is Shaped by Our Future

July 2003


As five sensory physical beings (us, you, me) we are limited in our understanding of how we create the things in our life that we bring into our being. Most of us belief that if we work hard, do this or do that and nothing happens that is out of our control we will most often get what we desire. With the exception of a few, for the most part we do not understand the mechanics of how it all works. How do the things that we desire come to us, how do we get the great job, the wonderful family, and early retirement in our dream home? Not all of us come from a rich family that will hand it all to us, so in real terms how do me make it all happen?

  As you think about your future and project an image of your retirement, you can visualize how it is going to be. You create in your mind first, all the details of how your future will be. What you don’t realize is that your future has already destined your past. Your future is not governed by your past experiences, just the opposite. Your past experiences are governed by future thoughts. Future thoughts determine what choices you will make in your past. This is completely backwards from what most of us believe. I am reminded here of a slogan “Be careful what you dream about, you may get it!”

  Physical matter is the shape of your thoughts, in other words matter is a manifested physical symbol of a thought or thought process. Matter is projected light and is the densest form of light. A thought process manipulates the vibration of light making it more dense. Plants use the process called photosynthesis to create matter from light. If the thought is continuous and powerful enough, matter will be created. The first step in manifesting anything physical begins with  the thought process. As you think about your cozy retirement home  and mull over in your head just how it’s going to be down to the last detail and decide where its going to be and how much land its going to be on you have already started forming something physical. All thought images are real and exist at some level of density or reality. The more your think about them the denser they get. A fleeting thought for instance would be less dense physically than a re-occurring thought. The more you think about a thing the better the chances are that it will become fully manifest.

   The second step in manifestation is the spoken word. You now begin telling everyone about your retirement ideas. You start looking at pictures, making inquiries and talking to family and friends. All the time you may actually experience  having your retirement home, it will be real to you. You have heard the expression “its so real I can almost feel it.” It starts to actualize  in your mind and at some level it is starting to form physically. The three stages of manifestation in simple words are thought, word and deed.

  Thoughts are always projected into the future which at some level begin to take physical shape. To start actualizing the future construction of your imagined retirement home you travel back in time and start taking the steps in your past that will manifest your home in the future. So now you are doing all the things necessary in your past that will make your dream become a reality. You will choose from an infinite choice of probabilities in your past that will lead you to the total actualization of your future home. Time as we know it does not exist, so all the probabilities that there are, exist at the same time. As you make the  choices  again and again, the probability of your imagined home will be realized. If your image is powerful enough you will make all the right choices in your past that will get you what you have already created in your future. Know that you already have what you desire and it will come to you, that is a great secret.

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