ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Chefology And The Spiritual Experience



Fine dining and the roll of a great chef are inspirational and accurately reflect the purpose of the spirit within. A valuable lesson can be learned by understanding the purpose of a chef and what he/she does. I have been spending far too much time on the food channel, and although I donít really cook very well and I canít afford to cook like them; I gain great inspiration from watching the Chefs struggle to become better than their food and it has inspired several articles.

A great chef creates the opportunity to experience the best that food and dining has to offer. From what I have observed over the years, the Hippocratic Oath for the chef must be to not change the flavor and texture of a food product but to enhance the experience of both taste and the texture. His/her purpose is to experience food in all its possibilities and to bring this new awareness to the table. In my experience the Gourmet Chef exemplifies what the purpose of spirit is in the world of physical creation.

It is the will of the creator to experience physical life in all its probabilities. It does that through the part of itself that it knows as the physical body. Like a chef the creator prepares humanity in countless different forms and experiences so that it knows itself experientially. As the creator, how can I experience myself as humanity unless I create both male and female? How can I experience myself as fat without knowing myself as skinny? Likewise, how can I know myself as beautiful without experiencing ugly, and how can I experience myself as being good without experiencing bad?

It is the lifelong pursuit of a chef to know himself as the creator of all that he imagines and identify himself with the type of food he is known for. A good chef never stops experiencing new foods, new flavors, and textures. The three most important words for a chef may well be flavor, texture, presentation. The three most important words for the physical being are creation, freedom, and experience.

Although a chef may process a recipe over and over again to make it work or to better it; each attempt is not a failure, but simply another version of the recipe. Likewise, humanity can never fail because everything that it experiences is a different version of creation or the creator.

It is the natural tendency for all things to move to a better version of itself. It is only the ego that sees things as failures. It is the passion for perfection that drives a chef to challenge himself. Likewise, it is the passion for life that drives us to recreate it. Humanity sometimes forgets this, and "simple" leads to "complicated" and an urge to get it over with Ė to end it. It is in the process of preparing the food that enables the chef to experience the finished product. But final end is an illusion, because the product is never finished. He or someone else will move it to the next level in another attempt to better perfection.

Full of passion and emotion, success and failure, the food channel motivates and inspires all loyal viewers to aspire to higher awareness. It is pretty much the only TV I watch that I can come away feeling elevated. Many of the programs are metaphors for the human life experience. However, if your kids are watching a lot of it; itís probably because of all the adults swearing Ė they like that. If you can get past them being exposed to the language, there is much to learn about the human condition in an hour. Warning, parental guidance is advised! Success requires a mind set of determination, passion and a knowing that you will succeed. In the bigger picture we always succeed at life. In the physical world the successful chefs have risen to the top because at some point they knew they would. All things in life are experienced through the knowing that they will be. Hard work and diligence are like praying and doing affirmations, they simply help you to focus on what you already know.

Experience all that you desire in your life by becoming a chef of your own life. Process and manipulate it to bring to the table the exact results that you have imagined and then keep going.



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