ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter



May 2003


I just came out of my closet after meditating and not very successfully, as I feel asleep a couple of times. I managed to pull myself up to my desk and I sat there staring at my computer screen. The screen saver marquis rolled by  repeatedly, “Peace,” its’ not just a word, it’s something you are. I put it there several days ago as a constant reminder that our peace is now being threatened. Has the world gone mad, I thought?

  All the things that we say and do are symbols of where we are spiritually, individually and as a world community. And yet it surprises me on one front that a country such as the US, has produced so many people of spiritual wisdom, and yet  as a country they are unable to resolve their differences in the world community through the wisdom they already possess, they have abandoned their collective intelligence in favour of war.

    We also know as a race of people cohabitating this planet, we have come close to war many times and have come up with peaceful “solutions,” they are there. Our technology has finally advanced further than our ability to use it wisely. We are now at a point in our history that we have come up against a situation so far beyond our reason, that we are ready to sacrifice everything to go to war and prove our intelligence. Declaring war on another  does not speak well of us, or symbolize favourably our position on the evolutionary path.

   History is repeating itself. Atlantis and Lemuria, for example, both civilizations were highly advanced technologically and faced extinction through ignorance. You cannot say you are a peace loving nation in one breath and then declare war in the next. You either are, or are not peaceful. I have spent the last three years in a fulltime search for understanding and enlightenment. Many authors and have inspired me to belief that we have reached a higher understanding and a new level of wisdom and insight into our spiritual selves. I understand the situation in our time is appropriate, that we are at the threshold of a quantum leap into becoming a new, higher evolved species. In order to make such a huge jump we must go through a period of chaos, and we will emerge from the dust, an entirely new human, or we will mostly destroy ourselves.

  My ego has been deflated, because I lost touch with the obvious. I am attracted to the talk of peace and equality and that is what I have dedicated the rest of my life to. But every once in awhile I get a wake up call such as we are having now from the US. “We,” as a world community, are not really so advanced as we decree. All actions are symbolic of our thoughts. Our actions proclaim that which we are.

    As a world community, we have let each other down. Our thinking has not brought us to a peaceful solution. We cannot point the finger solely at the US, they could not wage war without the consent at some level by the rest of the world, we are all part of their decision.

  Sadam and George will call it a “Holy War,” each professing that God is on their side.  Each believing they are right, might makes right, right? God is always on the side of the oppressor and the oppressed, we have learned this from history.

  As a spiritualist I must confess that what I observe is expected and welcomed, as I look at the bigger picture. I acknowledge that change is at hand, and is happening now. I am not fearful. Life is constantly changing. Life has no meaning, other than the meaning each of us gives it, nor can it be destroyed. We may not have the wisdom or courage to stop the war, but we can manifest a new human that will transcend the chaos that is about to unfold. The caterpillar is about to emerge as a beautiful butterfly or it will die. Please know that peace is all around us, and within reach, it’s a numbers game. More people must know it, more people must think it and more people must be it.

   The last world war was the “war” to end all wars, what happened? Peace is not something you ask for, fight for, or pray for, its your heritage, its who you really are, you just have to know it, “be it.” “Peace,” is not just a word we say, it is something we are!

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