ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


What Happened to Your World And How Do You Change It



Man came to this world naked, with only his mind and body to experience the physical life. At first it was just a matter of surviving harsh environments on five different continents by five different races. Then it became more, much more.

Man created religion, governments, and corporations and nothing has worked well for him since.

It is the natural course of events for all living things to evolve to a higher state of awareness. But what happened to mankind Ė why did he stop evolving? Some may argue that we have come a long way, but in the time of the universe we havenít even started yet. Our technology has advanced significantly in the last one hundred years of our existence, but humanity itself has not. There is very little we know about ourselves, and most of us do not even know all the parts of our bodies let alone all the extraordinary powers that we possess.

Mankind started off with everything he needed and he was given absolute freedom (dominion) over everything that he could taste, smell, hear, see, and feel. Something happened in our history to turn humanity away from his natural and spiritual powers to become subordinate, powerless and spiritually retarded. How did he make the change and why?

Babies have only two natural fears, one of heights and the other is of loud noises. Man has learned to be afraid of everything else. Man has learned to fear his parents, his brother and sister. He has learned to fear everything outside of his crib, and finally everything out in the world. His power to take responsibility for his own life was taken away from him long ago, by the church and the governors of the day. The marriage of the church, state, and business, required larger and more concentrated populations to support the larger picture of a few money changers.

Religions were used by politicians who were used by the guardians of commerce to begin controlling populations. It was all done through disempowerment and assimilations of populations Ė divide and conquer people, their beliefs and what they know as truth. People have been taught not to be critical thinkers, to be grateful for what little they have and not to make waves. We have been taught to except what authorities tell us as truth without question. Through this kind of manipulation we have become week and dependent on those with whom "WE HAVE GIVEN" power to protect and take care of us. We have been encouraged to overpopulate, because higher populations mean greater leverage in the market place. We no longer have the freedom to freely hunt, fish, trap, mine, grow, cultivate, and manufacture unless we have permission of the state.

This is the way it was, is, and will be until collectively we decide that it will no longer be this way. Happily there is a way out, a way to turn things around without armed insurrection.

When I learned Tai Chi the instructor demonstrated to us in class how most people donít know how to walk and itís a true. We automatically put one foot forward and allow our weight to shift to that leg. If we were to stop in mid stride we would fall over, and clearly that is what happened when the class tried it. Over time we have allowed that simple movement to become automatic and no conscious thought is put into it. Likewise, over time we have given little thought to our daily lives and we have allowed others to take responsibility and control over it.

The three steps to manifesting or creation are thought, word, and deed. To take any kind of a step to create what we desire there first has to be a thought about it, then a declaration that we will have it and the results. In order to change our lives the way we want we have to consciously think about every step that we take before we take it. It is this kind of awareness that will set things in motion to experience what we choose. It is this kind of clarity in every step of our lives that will bring back the power we lost a very long time ago. It must be absolutely clear in our minds, what we want; not what we think we want.

Debt, drugs, sex, money, television, toys, and wars, are all distracters that the money lords use to manipulate our power away from us. While we are involved with these things we are not paying attention to what is creeping up behind us and what is being taken away.

Under the worse possible conditions that you could think of, no one is really a victim of circumstance unless at some level they have chosen to be one. You always, have the power to change your life even if it means taking it. At some level of consciousness you always put yourself in the right time and place for a thing to happen. You can consciously change that by thinking before you step. When you get up in the morning, donít just go into auto mode; think about your next step and every step you take during the day. Are you willing to take that step and accept the responsibilities for it? If you can say yes to that; you are not a victim and you will keep your power.

In as many times as you can during the day, think about the direction of your life. Is it what you want, is it taking you to a place that you desire? If not, think differently. It is your thoughts which will allow you to stop in mid stride to change directions without falling flat on your face. Balance is always the key to success, without it you will trip and fall. And the only way you can keep balance is to keep thinking about what you want. Learn how to control your dreams so that your goals are experienced in your sleeping state. Constantly monitor your thoughts during the day, even if you have to schedule the time to do it. In order to manifest anything into your life, you must think about it first. Use your powerful mind to create what you want, and having passion for what you want brings it into your experience quicker.

No one can stop you from thinking as it is what we do in all states of consciousness. Knowing this, it just makes good common sense to control your thinking and learn how to focus it until you get what you want. Knowing that you can have $31 million dollars will bring the experience to you. Knowing that you can not have $31 million dollars will also bring that experience to you. At this moment while you are pondering why it canít work this way, you will have a very good idea of why things donít work that way in your life Ė it is your thoughts. It is your very first thought that says you canít, that creates the experience. The rich and powerful know it, and it never enters their minds. They only know one thing Ė they want. And they always get what they want.

Move yourself "outside the box" and if you donít like what you are experiencing now Ė think differently. If you donít like what is going on in the world, donít give it any energy; think differently. Think your way to a different experience. What goes on in the world will always go on, but it is within your ability to experience something else. In the middle of war, there are people who are at peace because that is what they wish to experience. You cannot change the world, but you can change your personal experience of it. And if more people are experiencing the same thoughts, the world will change because of carefully chosen thoughts that lead away from what is, to what will be.

If you are looking for a new world Ė create it! Think about it and donít look to others for their guidance; that is how you gave away your power in the first place Ė be creative, use your imagination. It is not necessary to control the steps of creating, but to think about the end result.

It is individual thoughts which create the change and people of similar thoughts will be attracted to each other. We are all communicating at a cellular level, so others are listening and others will be there to experience your new world with you.

What happened to your World and how do you change it? Your world will always be or change the way you think.


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