ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Starting all over Again


April 2003

Once in awhile a great idea comes along-an idea so great in its simplicity, that it is too uncomplicated to take seriously. The proposal I want to put to you is not my original idea, but one that I am incorporating into my every day life.

  This idea works and can be verified merely by observing the results; it transcends all boundaries of past or current convictions, religion or other doctrine. This proposal can virtually do away with personal or global conflicts because it compels us to re-examine our past. It requires us to observe without judgment, or blame. It allows for mistakes without the guilt or retribution that accompanies a judgment of “right or wrong”. It encourages those who have made a mistake to re-examine their actions and to try something new.

  Can you possibly imagine that such an plan exists? Can you see the possibilities of communicating with others in a way that instantly fosters positive growth and enlightenment? Can you envision never again having to say that “I did something wrong”, or pointing a finger of judgement at another.

  This is the new revolution - a proposal that will be labelled by its detractors as being very naïve, at best.

   This is my proposal: Let us purge the following four words from our vocabulary for all times, and we will have made the first step to peace at home and in the world. The four words are; “good and bad”, “right and wrong”.

   Try this exercise and integrate it into your life.

   For example, you have discovered that someone near you has made a mistake. Simply observe the persons actions. Notice if their actions are going to get the person what they want or lead them where they want to be.  This is your opportunity to demonstrate what works without judgement. Use the past to help them know that this action has been tried before and it hasn’t worked and why. Let them know that by making the same “mistake” over and over again it is not “bad  or wrong”, it simple doesn’t give them what they want.

  This proposal works. Do not judge what is “good or bad”, “right or wrong”. These words  have brought no lasting peace, joy or happiness.

   Has someone told you that you were wrong? Did it make you want to change, or did it make you feel resentful? Judgement and guilt, has seldom worked to correct anyone’s behaviour, stop wars or inspire someone to rehabilitate. If you are wrong, then someone else must be right. If you are bad, then someone else must be good. How does that make you feel? Observe the insanity of repeating the things that do not work in the world and in your own life.

  If  this proposal doesn’t work for you, you will observe it, and you can go back to the old lines, and say that I was wrong.

   I will not tell you that I am right with this proposal. I can only say that it works for me and it’s observable!

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