ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


You are a Victim by Choice



There are no victims - accidents do not happen by chance and illness is intentional.

   Before we are born and while in the afterlife or beforelife, it is our individualized decision to come to the physical world. We choose our parents and time of birth that will best facilitate what it is we choose to experience in this incarnation or birth time.

   Because we are internally connected at some level of consciousness, all beings are in agreement before our births as to our parents and those who would interact with us after birth.

   This must be so if we are in agreement that there is only one consciousness in the universe - one mind that is experiencing physical life through its individualized souls, spirits, or egos. There is logic and agreement with all things physical in order for them to be present or exist in the physical world. A tree can’t be rooted unless there is agreement with the earth that it will support the tree. What often appears as random is not – all things have order even in the so called state of chaos.

   A forest fire can’t exist without something to burn. The trees must agree with nature for a fire to be able to express itself as a forest fire. All of life and all of its possibilities must be expressed or experienced. Therefore a tree cannot be a victim of a forest fire, but a willing participant. The tree expresses its power and autonomy by agreeing to be burned. A fire expresses its power and autonomy by burning the trees – it is natural and deliberate.

   It is the creative nature of the one mind to express or experience anything that it can imagine. Physically, it all happens here, in the physical universe.

   A plane cannot run into a mountain unless the mountain is there. There is an agreement between the plane, the pilot, and the mountain. A plane crash cannot occur unless these elements are in agreement at some level of consciousness. Now, this may sound absurd on a conscious level and I would agree. However, on another level of consciousness or enlightenment, it all makes sense. Plane crashes are physical facts of life – they are a physical occurrence. There can’t be a plane crash unless someone thought of it and manifested the incident. All things come together to make it happen. All objects are expressing their presence by being in the right place at the right time for a physical event to happen. Everything is life whether it is considered inanimate or not - all objects must express their autonomy, their existence by being in the right place and the right time to be observed as autonomous.

   Now a mountain can be seen and appreciated without a plane smashing into it. Because plane crashes are imagined and created in our minds – those so called accidents must have opportunity to express themselves as are the spoken words, “plane crash.” It may be in your head, but sooner or later it must be spoken in order to be recognized as words or fact.

   In the same way that objects express themselves, so do humans. Humans are declaring themselves in every moment of their physical lives. There can be no victims unless an individual wishes to express themselves as a victim. Victimhood in a human convention that must be expressed or manifested by choice, and it is an opportunity. Because very few of us are in communication consciously with our inner consciousness, these things sound ridiculous.

   Why would someone want to be a victim? Why would someone want to have terminal cancer? Why would someone want to be murdered, raped, or beaten up?

   It sounds cruel, arrogant and insane to suggest that a person would want to be a victim and I would concede that if one cannot see the greater picture, then it would be all of these things. The difference between one that sees themselves as a victim and the one that sees themselves as a willing participant, is that one has power and the other is powerless.

   The difference between a victim and the observer is that the observer is judgmental and judges the other as a victim. They are projecting their own feelings about victims onto the other. One could also say that the observer is a victim of their own ignorance or prejudice.

   You can never be a victim of circumstance unless at some level of consciousness you agree to be in the right place at the right time to be a victim. No one can do anything to you unless you agree to it at the level of your creativity first – it is done by choice even though you may not consciously understand or agree to it.

   Having said that, then it would seem that it is really a good idea to be in contact with your spirit, inner self, or subconscious so that you can be proactive rather than reactive.

   All things happen for a purpose – for a reason whether we understand it or not. Once again, there are no victims unless being a victim is what you want to experience.

   A battered wife may be considered a victim of her husband – but it is a choice. She always has the choice or opportunity to leave one way or the other. She may not see the choice, but she makes it anyways, subconsciously.

   A murder victim puts himself in the right place and right time by choice or in this case poor choice, to be murdered.

   Humanity knows that there is another part of themselves that can be communicated with. We pray we do affirmations, chants, dances, meditations and all sorts of things to access that communication.

   Mediums, intuitives, channellers all have that ability to contact the subconscious and see future events. Accidents and illness are avoidable if you know that they are probable. The way to make them improbable in your own experience is to not give them energy. If they are in your mind and the more you think about them, the more likely you will experience them. All things imagined are experienced at some level of your consciousness or experience.

   There are no such things as natural disasters in that they don’t happen randomly. They are created like any other experience and you place yourself in that experience as a victim or not, by choice. Your thoughts about famine are expressed somewhere in the world whether you experience it first hand or not. Your thoughts about war are expressed somewhere in the world whether you are directly involved in it or not. Your thoughts about terrorism are expressed physically somewhere in the world whether you are involved with it or not. Terrorism could not be expressed unless someone or many have thought about it. Denying it or trying not to focus on it gives it just as much energy as practicing it.

   If you do not want war, being against war or trying to avoid it, still gives it energy. As long as the word is in your head, you are giving it a place in reality. Think about peace and peace is what you will create – keep peace in your mind, and it is all you will experience.

   Think about what you want, not about what you do not want. Think about good health and leave out fear of illness and you will experience good health.

   In any situation if you see yourself as a victim with no choice – you have given up your power in favour of experiencing being a victim. Even if you declare yourself as a non-victim you have created your victimhood by using the word. So, if you are not a victim then you are actively participating by choice! All of life’s circumstances are opportunities for you to express yourself in what ever manor you choose. They are co-created by you through your subconscious and in agreement with the life force.

   There is wisdom behind the phrase “Be careful what you wish for – you may get it.” It could also be expressed as “Be careful what you think – you will create it.”

   Retain your power on all levels of your consciousness and you will always be a participant, give up your power and you will become a victim.


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