ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


The Opportunityfor Change



Everyday we miss out on opportunities to change our lives, they are always right in front of us and we cannot see them. The classic cliché Ė we miss the forest for the trees, says it all.

   I often sit in front of my computer busying my time and missing out on what I write about. Single, but married to the computer, I often miss out on the opportunities which will take me to the next level. It is the simple invitations to a party or dinner which may find me in the right spot and the right time to take advantage of an opportunity. I generally donít do parties or dinners or anything social. It is just too damn comfortable where I am. Along with social functions come social skills, which I may be weak on. So for me, the bottom line is fear.

   Invitations donít come to you by chance, they have a purpose. At your subconscious level you have sent out invitations yourself to others. They have received those invitations and your name has come to mind when a function or opportunity comes up Ė so they invite you. All social occasions are simply opportunities, and that is their only purpose, whether it is business or personal.


   However, you can be in the right place and the right time and not notice the opportunities, especially if you are overly concerned about how to get out of the situation and escape. When in this situation, walk around and maintain eye contact with others, say hi when the opportunity comes up. Keep circulating slowly. The worst thing you can do is plaster yourself against a wall or glue yourself to a chair. Life is about movement, look alive and people will notice you. In your journey around the room, opportunity will knock many times. Donít look for them; just leave yourself open to respond.

   If you are looking for an opportunity to move to the next step or to experience something new; that will require a new thought. New experiences are created by new thought and old experiences are created by old thoughts.

   If you find yourself sitting alone at home day after day, it is done with intention and you are passing up all the opportunities for change. Even if it is sitting under the same old bridge, under the same piece of cardboard, you can find opportunities by getting up and going to look for another piece of cardboard in a different area. The chances of finding a nickel lying on the street are greater with the more streets you walk down or the more parking lots you walk through. And that doesnít happen when you are sitting in the same spot. When you are in the right spot at the right time Ė things happen.

   I have a really nice table and chairs for sale. Itís a solid wood bar table and high back wooden chairs. Nobody knows that Iíve got them or even that they are for sale except for a couple of people. I seldom have anyone over and I havenít advertised anywhere. How long do you think they are going to sit there in my way? The opportunities are very slim that I will sell them. In my job I go into four to six homes a day and I havenít told anyone Ė I just canít be bothered. The opportunities are all around me Ė they are everywhere, but unless I say something, nothing is going to happen.

   Another well known cliché that we have all heard and used is ďOpportunityonly knocks onceĒ and it misleads us. Opportunitynever stops knocking.

   My sister has invited me over for thanksgiving dinner this Sunday. My fist inclination was to say no, and I am still thinking about it on Saturday morning. That is the reason for this article; I am trying to convince myself to go. And as I write this article, I can think of unlimited possibilities or opportunities which can present themselves if I go.

   My car is low on gas. On the way to my sisterís, I can stop for gas and buy a winning lottery ticket. I can meet an old friend or acquaintance who is looking for someone like me for a business venture, hmmÖ

   I may end up in a small fender bender and meet someone special and form a meaningful relationship. Or, perhaps I will be speeding along the road and glance over into a ditch and spot a briefcase. Iíll stop, open it and find three million in cash thrown there by some drug dealer as he was being chased by the law or another dealer. Better still, as Iím driving along Iíll pull over to help a lady change her tire. I will find out that she is single, looking for a relationship, and is a publisher of spiritual books, wow! Now thatís my kind of opportunity. Whatever I can imagine, I can create. None of this is going to happen at home. If I work at it, I could dwell on all the negative opportunities and talk myself into staying home Ė not going there.

   Out of curiosity, maybe Iíll go just to see what happens. The opportunity for change is now. Abandon the fear that keeps you company and move on! The chains which are binding you are made of paper Ė break away!

Roy is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. An international published author, a student of NLP, spiritual philosopher, New Age Light Worker, Teacher and Phenomenologist. Roy's books and articles are thought provoking, and designed to empower your imagination.Review Roy's new book at: