ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Tuning Out So That You Can Tune-in



Imagine yourself a million years ago. You got up in the morning left your cave, sat on your rock and watched the sun come up.

  Of course you didn't know it was the sun because you are one of the first humans to walk the earth and language and definition had not been invented yet.

  As you sat there listening to the buzzing in your head and enjoying the first rays of sunlight-you stomach started growling and you instinctively knew it was time to go kill a dinosaur or root out some plants.

  Your internal radio had but one station-it was yours and it was mostly static. Life was so much simpler then.

  Today the average person has 65,000 thoughts going through their head in one day. Your build-in radio is buzzing with so many different stations and it is difficult to ignore them. We are so busy listening to others, in person, on the radio, or TV, that we neglect the most important channel. That is our internal channel telling us what we want and how to get it. Most of us have become listeners of other people's stations, instead of independent thinkers and talkers. We talk alright, but most of it is repetitive of what we have been listening to all day. In fact out of the 65,000 thoughts that we have each day most of it is not related to what we are doing now-it's old business.

  If one was aware of the "law of attraction" he would therefore understand why his life is not changing to the better. We keep re-inventing the wheel and continue with the status quo. Most of the information we get to work with everyday is about past events. We get very little information about what is wanted for the future unless it hits us in the face as an issue or a forced event that requires future planning. We suffer from information overload and are overwhelmed about what to do. Because circumstance change so fast, by the time we have come up with a plan, the situation has changed already, and usually initiated by someone else.

  For years I have been telling my readers that the fastest way to get what you want or where you want to be is to know you are already there or have it. This is still true and it is part of understanding the law of attraction and comes with complete acceptance of the system.

  However, in these times it may be faster to take a side trip first. In my own experience I have had difficulty weeding out the garbage or tuning into my own station-it is lack of concentration. I have never really endorsed meditation, praying or daydreaming as effective ways of getting what you want now. For some of us it is difficult to just turn off the world in short order, these exercises can be ways of tuning out and tuning into your inner voice. They are side trips which may help you get to where you want to be faster than the direct root.

  I have been meditating one way or another for over thirty years. I was trained in TM and other meditations, but I have found them unfulfilling and unrewarding. I don't like the principal of praying as it leads one away from oneself by creating a separation and false image of who is doing the creating, and most prayers are prayers of lack-they lead you away from what it is you want. Prayers are inconsistent with the law of attraction. It takes a big effort to come up with a good prayer that works with the creational process.

  Affirmations take a major conscious effort as they must be continually repeated, and because there are so many of them, it is like listening to the radio again with all those stations you can listen to, it's difficult to focus on any one. We seldom make up our own affirmations and limit ourselves to what others have created. It may work for them, but there is no guaranty they will work for you.

  It is all about focus-the law of attraction requires you to focus on what it is you want. How you get to the point of focus is your challenge. Once you get there the law of attraction takes over, and you will always get what your heart desires. The key or point I am trying to make here is it is you who creates, and it is you who you need to communicate with. It is not God's will that you have or not a have a thing. You have absolute freedom to create anything you desire, and you have the power to do it. As difficult as it may seem from time to time, you need to have good communication skills with yourself. You need to tune out of your environment and tune into what you heart is telling you. It is simply a matter of stop trying to get above the noise and listen to the silence. The step is simple, but it is not easy.

  Recently I have tuned into the Deeksha and received the "Oneness Blessing," and that has mellowed me out a little, but it did not silence the chatter. For me, I fear it is organic, and I will have to live with it. It's going to be a lifelong challenge as it is for many. As we are constantly looking for ways to escape-it doesn't work, because escape is just another distraction-it adds to the chatter. The real work is done internally and with practice comes a measure of success-it will get easier.


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