ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Affirmation from the Law of Attraction



I personally do not do affirmations—for a well disciplined mind, affirmations are the slow way to get what you desire. I am not saying I have this kind of mind. On the contrary, I am a slow thinker, and I need time to think out of the box.

   My philosophy has always been you can get there quicker by going in a straight line. However, I have collected one or two affirmations that I believe are very powerful and help me overcome decades of negative thought. This affirmation was received with the blessing of Abraham from the book by Esther and Jerry Hicks, "The Law of Attraction." If you are like me and you have to be given a good kick every once and awhile, this affirmation may gently bring you back on track….

I like being here; I recognize the value and power of this time.

I feel very good to be here.

I see myself in a sort of total package, one that I know is of my own creating, and certainly a package of my choosing. I am full of energy in this picture of myself—tireless, and really moving through life experience without resistance. As I see myself gliding about, moving in and out of my car, in and out of buildings, in and out of rooms, in and out of conversations, and in and out of life experiences, I see myself flowing effortlessly, comfortably, and happily.

I see myself attracting only those who are in harmony with my current intent. And I am clearer and clearer in every moment about what it is I want. When I get into my automobile and I am moving to a place, I see myself arriving healthy and refreshed and on time, and prepared for whatever it is that I am about to do there. I see myself dressed to perfection in just the manner that I choose for myself. And it is nice to know that it matters not what others are even thinking about what I am choosing.

What is important is that I am pleased with me, and as I see myself, I certainly am.

I recognize that I am unlimited in all facets of my life….I have a bank account balance that is unlimited, and as I see myself moving through life experiences, it is exhilarating to know that there is nothing that I am choosing that is limited by money. I am making all of my decisions based upon whether I want the experience or not—not based upon whether or not I can afford the experience. For I know I am a magnet who attracts, at any point, whatever prosperity, health and relationships I choose.

I choose absolute and continuing abundance, for I understand that there is no limit to the abundance in the Universe, and that by my attracting abundance to myself I am not limiting another…. There is enough for everyone. The key is for each of us to see it and want it—and then we will each attract it. And so, I have chosen "unlimited," not necessarily putting a big stash away—for I understand that I have the power to attract it as I want it for whatever I want if for. And as I think of something else that I want, the money flows to me easily, so I have an unlimited supply of abundance and prosperity.

There are abundant aspects in every area of my life…. I see myself surrounded by others who, like me want growth; and who are drawn to me by my willingness to allow them to be, do, or have whatever they want while I do not need to draw into my experience those things that they may be choosing that I do no like. I see myself interacting with others; and talking, laughing, and enjoying that which is perfect in them while they enjoy that which is perfect in me. All of us are appreciating one another, and none of us is criticizing or noticing those things that we do not like.


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