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Help With High Gas Prices



Driving into work this morning I noticed the gas prices have jumped again to $1.30 a litre or $5.90 a gallon-- Canadian.

   Like most days when I notice the price has jumped, I just shrug my shoulders and declare them "bustards." I think to myself surely the government must be aware of this atrocity, why aren’t they doing anything? Then I remember how much they are making on each litre as taxes—a whopping 30%. I guess they are not in too much of a hurry to give up this windfall.

   What really triggered this article is a news cast. An oil representative when asked about the rising cost of oil said, "People are willing to pay the higher prices." I heard this same statement from another oil company rep. years ago when we had the conversion from leaded to unleaded gas. They left something out of the gas and were charging us higher prices. Once again when asked the response was, "people are willing to pay higher prices for it."

   Nothing triggers me faster than to hear this kind of arrogance. What they are really saying is—no one is blowing up our gas stations and refineries, so they must be happy with paying the higher prices. Now, I understand cost and profit as I have been in business all my life. However, when I see the outrageous profits from large corporations such as gas companies, banks, and software companies—it’s easy to see they are simply charging too much for their services. They will come up with all sorts of excuses, and none of them explains the outrageous profits. Costs of business always come out of gross profit before the humungous surplus or net profit is realized.

   I am not fooled by their explanations. The anger I feel is for the pat answer we get, "People are willing to pay."

   In the case of the gas companies who seem to be in bed with each other, there is no where to turn as an alternative. If you don’t want to pay for the higher prices you can’t go to the competition because there isn’t any. WE ARE NOT WILLING TO PAY and we are not willing to blow up gas stations and refineries to demonstrate our dissatisfaction.

   There will come a point when the conglomerates push too hard and people will start to react. By that time they will have accumulated a very large surplus and will give back a few cents a litre to pacify the rebels.

   Now the company executives are correct in saying people are willing to pay because they have not reacted in ways the companies can understand and appreciate. The real issue is with the consumer not the companies. Consumers have so much power and control over these companies but they have given up their power to governments and regulatory bodies who have a vested interest in higher prices.

   The simply truth is, if you don’t want to pay high prices for gas and other products—don’t buy them. In a very short period of time the companies will be giving away their products. No customers—no products to sell—no business. As far as the oil companies go, even if everyone stopped using their petroleum driven machines for just one day a week, I suspect it would bring them to their knees in a very short time.

   The balance of power has always been with the consumer to control prices. However, it is the waist of these products that create a greater demand for the products, and the law of supply and demand (greed) comes into effect. I suspect there are very few people who could not restructure their lives to not drive one day a week and make it an ongoing way of life (keep up the pressure). Companies will react to consumer pressure, but they also know that consumers will not keep up the pressure for very long—high prices are soon forgotten after the temporary relief has been dribbled out by the money grabbers.

   Although it sounds like I have written this article to attack oil companies—it’s not really why I created this article. Sure, I am really pissed off by the arrogance of company executives, but I really wanted to point out the wonderful opportunity their greed presents to you.

   Somewhere along the way we have convinced ourselves we need their products, and we have structured our lives around them. The industrial revolution has made us slaves to buying and wasting and it is catching up with us. Can you really afford to pay high prices for gas? Do you really need to pay for overpriced software and operating systems which don’t even work correctly? Do you need to pay $50 a person at a fancy restaurant for food and drink plus 20% for the tip? Has the good life really made you happy—that is the bottom line?

   The opportunity I was talking about is here, now. You can take back your power, freedom and individuality by reacting strongly to these wrong doings. The reward you will receive will be the satisfaction of doing something, anything, and encouraging others to follow your example.

   It is also OK to do nothing if you are happy to pay too much for your products and services. However, if the price gouging is increasing your stress levels—take action. It could be as simple as forwarding this article to another—creating your own articles. You could designate one day a week you will not consume gas or oil which would make a huge impact when others follow. This article is not about bringing the money changers to their knees but about motivating you to do something positive about something you don’t like. It is about being powerful and demonstrating that power in your actions. And it is also about motivating others to do the same.

   In the computer age it can all happen in a heartbeat. I have written this article and sent it out in my newsletter. Hundreds of thousands will read it on my site. I will forward it to over 400 article directories and to thousands of others on my email list. The article will go around the world in one day many times. You can do similar things. And while you are doing these things, you must know it’s not about the oil companies or any other company—it is about you—it’s all about you. You are making a statement for your own satisfaction and good. As the now famous line goes, "I’m Mad as Hell and I Won’t take it Any Longer," do something for a change.

   Every day opportunities come your way and every day you pass them by. Every event that happens today and tomorrow in your life is a chance for you to say to the world—this is me, this is who I am—I’m making this statement—others will follow, trust me!

   Just because an oil executive says "you are willing to pay higher prices" doesn’t mean you have to give your power to change that to them. If you are doing nothing when you hear such moronic statements—you are giving in to them—their statements become your new truth.

   You don’t have to become an eco-terrorist and blow up refineries and gas stations. What you have to do is something that demonstrates positively that you do not agree with their statements—that does not include complaining or whining about it.

   Now if you disagree with price gouging and rip offs, and you want to do something positive and if you agree with me—then forward or pass this article on to someone else. How simply is that—no effort on your part, yet it will create the outcome you desire. Pass it on to newspapers, radio shows, your friends, anyplace you think it will do some good. What you do in the next five minutes will irrefutably demonstrate to you where you stand on being a victim. Like many people you can choose to do nothing—there is nothing wrong with that if you can honestly live with it.


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