ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


This is Your Time - The Time of Your Life



All events occur at the right time and place. It is no accident you were born in this time. It is perfect that you are here now and this is the best time in space for you.

   I know there are not many who would see it that way. Most of us are heavily involved in our physical lives to see the significance of our own existence. Nothing in the universe happens by chance or by luck or lack of it. You are here now because it is appropriate at this moment.

   You may never consciously know your purpose while you remain physical. However, at another level of your consciousness you are completely aware.

   Every new generation has a unique purpose and role to play in the evolution of the species. Every new soul born into this world is a product of previous generations and rebirths. A person of the last generation or so would not fit properly into this generation or the next. The world has moved past their abilities and understanding. Within the last 30 or 40 years there have been new generation kids born into this world, the indigo children, computer kids, and now the digital kids.

   Each new generation brings with them advanced skills that will move the next generation even farther along than they are. It is not with envy that I write about this, but with gratitude and acknowledgement of their existence.

   Although you may not appreciate your life the way it is now, you are fortunate to be on the edge of a great advancement for humanity. You are here as witnesses to a great change.

   Over thousands of years man has demonstrated he does not advance very quickly. Yet, in the last 100 years he has moved from horse drawn carts and smoke signals to computers and space travel. How can a race show such slow advancement over thousands of years then suddenly change over night? It absolutely blows me away that this can happen.

   Along with the technological advancements comes a huge spiritual awakening or visa versa. Do you really believe this is coincidence—I do not think so? The timing is perfect—you are perfect and so is your life. Humanity is begrudgingly realizing that it is creating the circumstances of his own life and in cooperation with the internal connection he has to all others. All of us are working together awaiting the arrival of the new species—the new human.

   What enlightenment or spiritual awareness does is allow you to see these changes and accept them without fear. You may be a homeless person on drugs, eating out of dumpsters—you are experiencing only one aspect of your existence. It is possible to change your situation with only the thought of doing so. Your thoughts, you internal dialogue is what determine your next experience. You always have choices even if you don’t like them. By understanding how you created the circumstances of your life and that you can change them in the above example—your life will change.

   You may decide you no longer wish to experience your life as it is in the dumpsters. You can end your life—still a choice. You may find a lottery ticket in the dumpster. You may befriend someone and they may decide to help you. You may save the life of another and find out they are wealthy and want to show their gratitude. All these things are effortless and can turn your life around. It is about knowing your life can change, that it will. Your human body is not capable of controlling the process. All you really have to know is what the end result will be—what is it you want to experience? I know from personal experience, this is how it works.

   Life is a wonderful buffet of choices. Every choice is a step to something else. With acceptance you are making an appropriate choice for what your higher self desires to experience, you will do so fearlessly. No matter what you circumstance and within this knowledge, you will find the peace you are looking for. Fear comes with not really knowing what you want and from experiencing what you think you wanted and having it fail. Fear comes from not knowing you do have a choice. Choices seen as failure make it more difficult and you will try even harder to control the process next time. If you see your choice as a step to the next one, it will have little meaning and a realization you have already moved to the next one. All choices are appropriate no matter how you consider them.

   In the time you have now, contemplate the wonder of which you really are and empathize this awareness to your ego. You can live from the different levels of your consciousness at the same time. Your ego can be aware of your spirit and its purpose. Harmonize them so you experience all your desires in peace and acceptance without struggle.

   As a spiritual being, you are the most beautiful, wondrous, and holy person alive. You are an intricate part of the puzzle which could never be completed without you. When it comes to the bigger picture, your rags are equal to the robes of any monarch. The only difference between them is in how you see them—a simple thought. The world and all who inhabit it are perfect. They are all working together in perfect harmony to sing life’s song—"I AM."

   This is your time—the time of your life. Know that you are both the creator and the created. You are already what you are trying to be—you are life expressing itself!


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