ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Don't Try To Save The World



All probabilities exist at the same time, and in the same space. What you wish to experience is just one probability that already exists.

   Life is a buffet of endless choices that is already available to us. Everyday we choose what we want to experience this day. Whether we turn right or left at the end of the driveway is not dictated to use by necessity, responsibility or anything else. It is a conscious choice. The fact that we do have responsibilities only leads us to make certain choices that reflect how we feel about those responsibilities. If we choose to experience them we make a choice at the end of the driveway that says "I'm responsible." If we do not wish to accept the responsibility that we have created, we simply make a choice that says "I'm not responsible."

   Our actions represent our thoughts-it is a physical symbol of how we are thinking in the moment. We cannot demonstrate a thought physically that does not demonstrate our true thoughts unless we are insane, and even then there is a thought behind the action.

   The world is perfect the way it is. The circumstances and conditions of the world are our thoughts made manifest. The world is the way it is because that is how we want it to be. If it is not, then it represents our global insanity-our thinking is not working. But the world does not have to be changed-we do! If what we are experiencing is not what we desired or want to experience, then there is something that is not working for us, and it needs to be corrected.

   If we consider ourselves highly evolved persons and we have created a world that we do not wish to experience-there is something wrong with our thinking. We have clearly not demonstrated our superiority or enlightenment as a collective world body.

   There are only three possible exceptions to this-we may indeed be insane, or it was our desire to experience this world as it is now. The other possibility is that we created a situation that has huge benefits and opportunities for growth. It is easy to pollute, but much more difficult to correct the problem. The industrial revolution has done much to expand our technical expertise, but has done little to demonstrate our enlightenment. However the fallout from this growth may be a gift in disguise, and within our ability to turn our circumstances around.

   It may be our subconscious desire to expand even more quickly in order to save ourselves from the damage that we have done. When people have a common goal, i.e., one of survival, they begin to work more effectively together and change comes quickly. Reaction to crisis or disaster brings unity in thought, and the combined thought process brings greater changes faster.

   If humanity sees itself as lost, the global circumstances are reflecting that thought. In order to restore order chaos is created, and the chaos demands more thought energy and unity to bring order once again.

   It is clear that as a race of people we have not really evolved very much spiritually. So at a subconscious level we are now creating circumstances in our environment that are going to give us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes, and bring out in each one of us, a whole new era of thoughtful enlightenment that is life affirming.

   The circumstances of the world, natural-disasters, poverty, cruelty, inequity, and war are not punishments from God or anyone else. They were created by us individually and en masse. They are opportunities for growth, and greater co-operation and spiritual enlightenment. When we rise from our own insanity, and see what is obvious-what we have done-we will be able to change it.

   The world is the way it is, because it is what we wanted to experience at some level of consciousness. We now have another opportunity to change it, if we no longer wish to experience it, in its present condition-if we can accept the responsibility for its condition, then we also have the power to change it. If we pass that responsibility onto others or God, then we will be waiting a very long time for them to change it. The creator does not perform miracles-he gave humanity to ability to do them for itself.

   Miracles are simply thoughts manifested, that do not reflect current conditions. The world does not need a miracle unless we believe that it does. Then, and only then will we have the power to change it. If disasters and wars are the wake-up call for a world that it has gone insane, then we are now in the position to acknowledge it, and alter our thoughts to manifest the world we desire to experience.

   It is not necessary to change the world from what it is. This probability will always exist. It is within each of us to change our thoughts about the world, and how we want to experience it, and manifest the world that we desire into our present reality.

   Leave this world alone-create something new. Put all your efforts and energy into thoughts of a new world that you wish to experience, and you will create it. If it is your desire to experience changing the present world, that is were your energy will go, and that is what you will experience. If you want to experience a "changed" world-focus your attention on that world which already exists as another possibility.

   However you cannot put all your efforts and energy into creating a new world, while you are still holding the same thoughts that created the one that you now experience. That is another demonstration of insanity-change comes when you change your thoughts, and your actions reflect that change. You can't keep doing the same things expecting different results-it just does not work that way.

   You can not save the world-the world does not need saving. You need to save yourself from yourself.


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