ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Opportunity Knocks More Than Once



Everyday and dozens of times an hour you will have an opportunity to change your life.

   We often talk about changing the way we live or changing how we do things, yet we miss countless opportunities each day, starting the moment our feet hit the floor each morning.

   Majour life changes come easily when you take small steps. Everything you do in every moment of every hour of every day, brings a chance to do something or not do it at all. It is those subtle changes in how and when you do things which accommodate majour changes in your life. When the changes are done on a conscious level of awareness, change becomes part of your lifestyle.

   I'm lazy, I don't like making decisions for majour changes and it can be upsetting to say the least for many of us. My whole life has been about change and those changes have come relatively quick and easily, because I have taken advantage of an opportunity when it presented itself and have given it little thought.

   I made a decision seven years ago to explore a spiritual awakening and this decision brought with it many opportunities for change. I am aware of the presence many opportunities and I am now making decisions on a conscious level. Some of the decisions have put me on a roller coaster ride and at odds with ego and spirit. The issues with making conscious decisions are some of them may not be in harmony with what the souls purpose it. The more I try to control the situation, the more likely I am to change my mind and slow the process. Although I know the great secret of surrender and letting go, ego still wants to be part of the process and this has the roller coaster effect of things working and not working, and it seems out of control.

   Part of the process of taking advantage of an opportunity is making a decision to do so and sometimes I just don't want to make anymore decisions-there are so many of them everyday. It is easier to just settle into a pattern or habit and feel comfortable with what you have or are experiencing. It always brings me back to the realization of "Oh God, I've gotta do something else or get out of here," "I'm not going anywhere, or there must be more to life than this."

   There are those who would say "Opportunity only comes once," but I know from experience it keeps coming everyday-most of the time we don't see it. Often we are already engaged in a change and when the conscious mind notices it is taking us in a unfamiliar direction, we change our minds and the opportunity is lost.

   It is a fun exercise to take the time to notice our choices in any one particular day and change them. I am not talking about majour changes just the little ones--the time you get up, the time you leave for work, the choices of routes you take. Do everything different one day and notice the joy, freedom, and power you feel. You may also notice that it is very upsetting for your ego to move away from routine. The feelings you will experience will tell you how easily or difficult it is for you to experience or choose change. In this exercise you will discover why your life is the way it is and why you are not changing it.

   The opportunities for you to experience a life of abundance, good health, joy, and peace knocks at your door everyday. There is never a time when opportunity is not knocking and you cannot expect to experience change by making the same choices.

   Opportunity is knocking-are you home?


Roy is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. An international published author, a student of NLP, spiritual philosopher, New Age Light Worker, Teacher and Phenomenologist. Roy's books and articles are thought provoking, and designed to empower your imagination.Review Roy's new book at: