ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


What Comes After We Are All One



We have all read them, Zukav, Holmes, Walsch, Ruiz, Tolle, Chopra, Casey, Redfield, Dyer, Williamson and others. They all say the same thing, "We Are All One," "We Are All Connected."

   It is human nature to make up statistical numbers—at least I am 95% sure of that. Few of us want to declare 100% to anything we know or believe—we like to leave room for error—we may be just a little bit wrong.

   Doctors now say that illnesses are 85% psychosomatic—why not 100%? I think there is a 100% chance they are wrong and all illness is psychosomatic. Why have they moved from only a few percent a number of years ago to 85% now? Who is drawing the lines on our percentages?

   We have moved from God being 100% in charge of everything, to the "power of intention" and "we are all one." God is no longer 100% in charge of our lives—we now control some of it, and we do not have to look to God for everything we desire. Contemporary writers are saying "God is in us" and we are not separated by time or space—"we are all one." So why haven’t they gone all the way?

   It is the next logical step in our new awareness to declare ourselves as being God. God no longer is in us, but we are God himself, manifesting in an individualized physical form. There is no separation because there is nothing else. It is the creator experiencing physical life in a human body—what’s wrong with that?

   The modern visionaries have come so close—they are on the leading edge of a new renaissance of spiritual awareness—we are all connected—we are all there is—one thought process acting as individuals. We are what we are striving to connect to. We cannot fully experience what it is to be connected to creator until we declare we are the creator. So I am God, manifesting in the physical body known as Roy E. Klienwachter. I can experience being God at the same time I can experience being an individualized piece of God, as I can experience being a father to my son, while experiencing being a son of my father.

   This would be very difficult to experience if my present experience of God is that of an anthropomorphic being. However, if I understand the creator is life or a life force—then I can already experience being the creator because I am alive.

   Maybe God said it best himself in Neale Donald Walsch’s book "Conversations with God"—"it may not be wise going around telling people you are God—you may be crucified."

   In as many as three times in known history, humanity has come this close to knowing who and what he is, and it has been his undoing, in that he destroyed himself. Within the knowledge of being God and all powerful, there comes a very large measure of responsibility for the position. Humanity has demonstrated consistently throughout his history he has not been able to effectively control great power—he gets drunk on it and eventually destroys himself. For humanity to know itself as God at this time would be premature.

   Humanity is not ready to accept his true being or nature, and the writers, philosophers and wise-men know this—they are guiding you there. God has the ability to limit himself (he is all powerful) in his own experience in the human body. Limitations were built into the body and subject to the natural laws of nature. But in the true nature of who the creator is, he did not limit what humanity could do in his imagination and realization of what he desires to experience. It is possible at any time for man to move from his body if he no longer wishes to experience the limitations of it. It is also possible for man to create all that he desires if he only knows that he can have it.

   It is possible to realize the duality of being both the creator and the created at the same time. With the knowledge comes peace in knowing one is eternal and unlimited. Life itself is no longer a struggle unless one wishes to experience the struggle as a condition of living. While God may be experiencing himself as limited and struggling in one body, he will also be experiencing himself unfettered and free in another. In fact, in this world he will be experiencing himself in 6.5 billion different ways at the same time.

   If you can appreciate how this works then you can truly see the miracle in life and set yourself free from your own limitations. It is you (God) that wishes to experience physical reality. It is your desire to experience the physical life in your own unique way, as an aspect of the whole and as the whole itself.

   You are God (the creator) manifesting itself in the human form you best know as—who you now believe yourself to be. You are the most holy and magnificent creature every created—perfect in every way as expressed by your very existence. You do not need permission to be who you already are. There is no where you have to look to find yourself—there is only acceptance of this awareness.

   "We are all one"—"we are all connected," and only God would know that.


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