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The Secret



I just finished watching the video "The Secret." The movie reflects visually what I have been writing about for years. It definitely should be a priority watch for everyone.

   Without giving away too much, I would like to call attention to the theme or "secret" presented in the movie. The great "secret" to manifesting all that you desire evokes "The Law of Attraction." What you try to hold onto, you lose. What you give away comes back to you. This is the "Great Secret" and a universal law that always works.

   The second part of the "Great Secret" is—you are the power creating all the things you desire. The power comes from no one or no where else—it is not that you have access to, or control the power—you are the "power." This is the central theme of the movie—it is so simple and so overwhelmingly powerful, few people will be able to accept it. There are a couple of other major aspects of creation or manifesting mentioned, but not really highlighted, and they are even more important than the creating process itself.

   You must know and be very clear about what it is you desire—most people do not know what it is they want. For instance, most of us believe money or things make us happy. That is not true and it is the complete opposite of how the system works. The three steps of the manifesting process are thought, word, and deed. Behind every creation there is a thought first. The thought itself may not be known on a conscious level and it is often the reason for the belief that the system does not work. Every thought is always made manifest in physical form whether you can perceive it or not.

   If your thought is—you want money so you will be happy, you will be sadly disappointed. You may get the money you desire, but not the happiness. Thought evokes the feeling first and then it is expressed physically by an experience of the physical object. How many times in your like can you recall wanting something and upon receiving it—it did not live up to your expectations and you were unhappy about it. It is because your thoughts were unclear about what it was you desired. It is OK to desire something for the sake of having it—but if you have expectations (feelings) attached to it, you will often be disappointed.

   If it is truly happiness you wish to experience—then know happiness. Make it your first thought and the universe will find a way for you to express it. It may be you do not need anything at all to "find" happiness. You may experience it simply by noticing something in your circumstances or environment—a pet that is goofing around, a child laughing, a kiss or hand on the shoulder from someone close to you. These can be moments of happiness expressed without placing your happiness on having a thing.

   You may want the money so you can express your happiness in a certain way, and that is different. You have already acknowledged your happiness and are demonstrating it by using the money to express your emotion. It is different in that you are not depending on the money to bring happiness to you—you are happy already.

   The next aspect of the "Law of Attraction" is you cannot "have" anything you want. Despite the great amount of time the movie spent on making sure you know how the law works—it left out the most important element of the law—you cannot have what you want.

   When you want something you are expressing lack, and lack is what you will receive back. If you say I want one million dollars—you are really saying you do not have that one million dollars and it becomes your truth—it becomes your new reality, and it is what you will experience. The fastest way to experience having a thing is to know you already have it—it becomes your experience now!

   Gratitude was mentioned in the movie but the tie-in was very weak. Gratitude is recognition you already have what you desire. Desire is not want, but a preference. When you are grateful, you are expressing an emotion for something you have, even if it is a promise of something to come. "I am grateful for my happiness" is saying you are already happy. "I am grateful for this opportunity" is saying you are already happy for this chance to express yourself happily.

   The movie demonstrates very well only part of the "Law of Attraction"—the ability to attract what you don’t want and this is a very powerful feature of attraction. In order to attract all the things we desire in our lives, all aspects of the law need to be known and understood—not the least of these are the words we use to express our desires. Words are the command for the law to work and they are the second step in the process of manifesting—we must be careful of the words we choose when evoking the law.

   Know this and you will experience what you desire—thought, word and deed are the three steps in manifesting. Know exactly what your desire is, use the correct words to evoke the "Law of Attraction" and you will experience what you desire. It works 100% of the time and is guaranteed—you cannot fail!

   There is another important secret at work here. This system will not work for most of you on a conscious level because most of you will not be able to accept the principals. For most of you, the concept will be too simple and you will try to figure out why it does not work for you and "not working" will be your experience.

   In the movie, they brought up a common fear expressed by many who understand the system but question it—"there is not enough."

   "If everyone learned this secret and practiced it, there would not be enough to go around." If this is your fear—then it is what you will experience and it will be your truth. All things physical are made up of atoms—matter cannot be created or destroyed—it is transformed and the atoms are not lost. It is your thoughts which arrange atoms into molecules and all the physical things you can detect with your five senses. There is always enough to go around. The very rich and powerful already know this and it is not something they wish to share with you.

   You "are" the power—it does not come from God or anyone else. You are creating all the circumstances of your life and you are not a victim. You are the power expressed in all you create. You cannot find God, because God does not exist outside of yourself. You are God manifesting in the physical form you know yourself to be. You are God expressing yourself physically in this world you created for the purpose of knowing what and who you are. When you finally know yourself as the creator of all you experience, you will know you can experience anything you desire.

   It is not blasphemy to know self as the creator. All religions teach that you are going "home,"—back to the creator from where you came. The shortest way to get to where you want to be is to know you are already there.

   I am Roy the "writer"—I am Roy first, manifesting myself as a writer. I do not have to give up one to experience the other. God does not give up being God to know that he/she is experiencing being human or anything else he can conceive. He simply knows that it is he who is creating all the things he wishes to experience. God knows himself as God, while your ego believes it is something else. It is the law of relativity and is how physical live is experienced. It is the awareness of your roots which makes physical life easier.


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