ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Mirror, Mirror



A mirror does not lie. A mirror reflects light, although that light can be distorted, it is an accurate duplication of what is in front of it.

   A mirror is also a transformer-it transforms three dimensional images into two dimensional images. A mirrored reflection is as lifeless as the image it is reflecting. A mirror cannot reflect life, only the expression of life-so what it is reflecting when you look into the mirror is a lifeless form.

   You cannot see life only its expression. You are in fact a "light being," you are light itself. All physical matter is the densest form of light. All matter is light. And the life force that animates the light form is not of the body and it is why it can not be seen. Your emotions, feelings, and personality are not your body. They are what animate your body-your body is that which expresses life. It is life experiencing the illusion of
physical life.

   When you look into the mirror, it is not you whom you are looking at-it is an expression of who you believe yourself to be. It is an idea of a unique life-form expressed as your ego. The image in the mirror is just as much alive as you are or are not. When you speak to yourself you see the image speaking and you hear the sound of your voice, but it is neither one of you who is speaking. You cannot see life only its expression. The mirrored image is an illusion caught in the frame of the mirror. It does not reflect emotion or feelings because you do not have them, you simply express them. The expression comes from somewhere else, somewhere outside of your body.

   The body is a light vehicle used by your ego/soul to experience being alive-the physical body is life animated. When you move in front of the mirror, is there only one moving or are there two-a two dimensional object and a three dimensional object? Is it not the same life force animating one as it does the other. Everything is life-there is nothing else. So the image in the mirror is just as real as its reflection. But it is an image existing in a different realm of two dimensions. Mirrors are portals to a different world of experience just as lifeless as the one you are experiencing now. Is it your thoughts giving life to your reflection-is it the reflection giving life to you, or are both of you experiencing each other through a fourth dimension-the one you came from before you began experiencing physical life?

   From the position of the silent observer-a place that is outside our bodies we can follow our movements-where we have come from and where we are going. We can experience ourselves experiencing ourselves in this illusion we call life. Many of us do this subconsciously and it is how we can make decisions which lead us to a desired experience. Yet with practice we can do this on a conscious level as well. We can experience being all three aspects of mind, soul, and body simultaneously. It is your imagination allowing you to experience who you believe yourself to be now. You are imaging your whole life and all its experiences and everything around you. You imagination is limitless. It is you who imagines limits and sets its boundaries in your physical life. You can imagine anything, yet you can only experience that imagination within the boundaries you have set for yourself.

   You expand your world when you recognize what you are looking at as a reflection of yourself. The keyboard and monitor in front of me is an extension of myself, they are just as much alive as I am. They are me-they are reflections of my thoughts as these words are. We are one-expressing life which gives us all, form-but uniquely mine.

   You are the reader-I am the writer, and it is the creator or mind experiencing all of it simultaneously. We are all one coming together to experience a different aspect of ourselves. All three aspects are in complete agreement for this circumstance to be experienced. A mirror would show the illusion, the images, but not the experience. We cannot experience-we can simply express it.

   A mirror does not lie, it reflects light-that is its only purpose. You are a "light being" animating life. You are a mirror in your own right reflecting life in all its aspects. All of physical life is a reflection of a thought that has come before it-and experience cannot be found anywhere in the body or any mirror.


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