Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


A Lonely Road of Awareness



Truth is really a very poor quality word, it means different things to different people and it is as liquid as the water that surrounds us.

    There is a hunger to share one’s truth, to have it validated by others and to experience it. We need to put into practical experience what we know as our truth and to have it measured by others. The validity of our truth is recognition of our existence. When people know our truth, they know we are alive, and it is validated. Our truth has awareness in relationship to others and our environment. Truth is something that works or does not work—it changes with time, and it is difficult to keep it alive.

   It was a truth at one time the world was flat—that has changed and the lives of all who believed it has changed. What happens when you have discovered a new truth—a very important new truth for you? You want to express it—share it with others and you don’t want to change it—it has become the “new you.” However, your new truth is meaningless without expression and comparison, so there is an overwhelming desire to let the world know about it. It has to come out in some physical expression.

   Artists do it with their paintings and sculptors express themselves in clay, while musicians and song writers create music. Some of the really good ones endure the test of time while others fall prey to a whimpering history, shouting out to death ears.

   At a recent book signing, I had my truth laid out in front of me in the form of 24 copies of my new book “Your Life was Never Meant to be a Struggle.” This is not totally accurate as the book took five years to create and my truth has moved much farther along my chosen path. In the years I have spent developing my new philosophy there has been no one to share it with except for the paper that embraces it. It has been a lonely trip but a necessary one. My new truth comes from pure thought in that I did not collaborate with anyone about it. It is only my circumstances and environment which reflects my current thoughts.

   Had I been able to find someone who was traveling the same road, my thoughts today would not be the same.  Self awareness is a lonely road until it has been put to the test.

   During the hour and a half I was at my book signing event, two gentlemen took up my time telling me their truths. They were not overly  interested in hearing mine. They seemed comforted to have someone listen to them. My existence at the time was an opportunity for their truths to come out and be expressed. So it can be observed that one truth leads to another. There would be no need for them to express themselves had they have known about my truth and accepted it as theirs. So truths are just stepping stones to other truths, and all truths blend together to form new ones. Truth must be expressed, but it must also change. Truth is not about life—it is life itself, and it evolves.

   My new book is an old truth—others will read the book and change the truth through their experience of it. My book cannot be a bible or a definitive truth—no books can, and all books are history books.

   The spirit travels alone and expresses itself through the physical body and environment, but once the picture has been painted, the song sung, the book written, we cannot stay there. There are new ones to be created and our past truths are just echoes which slowly or quickly die off in the distance.

   There is only one truth we can rely on and embrace—“all things change” and change is the one constant in our awareness. And even this is not a truth because all possibilities exist in the same time and space and it is the observer who focuses on an aspect of reality and will experience it. Reality remains the same and it is the observer who changes. Objects are points in time and it is only our awareness that is moving—it is our awareness giving us the illusion of life—of motion.


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