ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


The Whole is the Illusion



The whole is the sum of its parts. But the whole is the illusion as it can never be seen.

   A baseball team such as the New York Yankees is made up of players. You can see the players individually and you may see the players altogether assembled for a picture, but the New York Yankees doesn’t exist as a physical body—it is an illusion. The New York Yankees is not a physical thing, it is an abstract idea of players gathered together to form a baseball team.

   A family is made up of members—grand parents, parents, children, cousins, etc, etc.. The individual members can be seen, you can talk to them, interact with them, but the family itself is an illusion. The family is a collection or sum of its parts. “Family” is just a name for the collective members—it is a thought manifested into physical reality. The members are real, but the family is not. You cannot see the one called “family,” you can only imagine it.

   God (the Creator) is made up of its members. Its individualized peaces. In our awareness, it is you and I, our planet, and all things in and out of this universe. God does not exist as an anthropomorphic being. God is the illusion and it is his parts which are real. One cannot see God, but one can see any number of his parts. We are God manifested in individualized pieces. When you look at any of the pieces you are seeing God.

   So when we are talking of God, we are talking about an abstract collection of his parts. We are talking about you. You are God and you are a piece of God. You have all the attributes and characteristics of the one you imagine as God. God does not exist as a body, but as a collection of bodies.

   If you look close enough at your own body you would see you mostly do not exist. You are made up of mostly space (nothing)—the   space between the atoms of your body in fact. Science will tell you if you take away all the space between all the atoms in the universe, matter would comprise the space on the head of a needle.

   So to challenge your mind even further, you are the sum of your parts, and you do not exist, only your parts do. You only exist as a concept of what a human would look like. You are the manifestation of a consciousness you cannot see, but only imagine. You are imagined by your parents, your siblings, your friends and strangers. Each of them experiences you differently. Each of them is imagining you as something you do not know yourself to be. You are a concept of a consciousness you are not aware of consciously. Therefore you only exist when someone is imagining you—when you become part of their awareness or consciousness.

   The only real thing that exists is consciousness. We are all part of a greater consciousness and therefore the individuality of our own consciousness is an illusion—it does not exist. And because consciousness is a collection of its own individualized pieces of consciousness—consciousness does not exist.

   The only thing that really exists is nothing—nothing exists.


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