ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Time to Move On


The metaphorical description of God by Christianity, does not belong in the 21 century. It no longer serves man, and it is questionable if it ever did. Manís awareness is quickly outpacing the lessons of Christianity. Man can not longer accept the obscure and metaphorical rhetoric handed down from Religious institutions. Itís not that mankind doesnít want to believe, on the contrary, he is becoming more aware of his connection with his environment and something else he perceives as being "out there."

   The language of the church just doesnít cut it anymore. Blind faith, and obedience is not acceptable, to the modern man. Man holds on to his past beliefs out of fear, put on him by the churches. But he can plainly see what was promised him, can not be delivered under current beliefs. The churches can not deliver, because they donít have the power. The power was never theirs. The church has done more to separate God from man, than anything man has come up with yet. Nothing has changed in thousands of years. Wars, pestilence, poverty, and despair are still around. The pat answers -- just have faith, patience, God knows best, it's God's will, arenít acceptable answers to intelligent people who are seeking the knew awareness.

   New Age is not about sheep or followers. Itís about seekers, who demand answers. Itís about truth, witnessing and being able to observe results, now! Itís not about promises, or esoteric mumble jumble. Spirituality in New Age, is workable. It can be tapped into, and used on demand.

   Clearly it is not about sickness, living humbly, and doing without. It is in fact about abundance and equal opportunity. Itís about accountability and openness. New Age is holistic, real and workable. Itís about resource management and sharing.

   New Agers are critical thinkers and demand honest answers. Every decision, every action must show results, it must be observable by all. Promises are not necessary to a "new age thinker." He knows if what is said is not delivered, he has the power to do it himself. No longer are New Age thinkers willing to give up their power for a measure of security they do not need.

   "Right and Wrong," are ancient terms which do not apply to a New Age activist. The new terms are Ė "That which works, and that which does not work." Punishment is not a motivator for new age people. Purpose, and fulfillment of purpose, drives enlightened persons. The hording of wealth and resources does not work anymore, because we know we can create and have anything we desire on demand. New Agers do not ask or beg for anything. They do not bend there knees or bow to anyone--no one is above another. Prayers of gratitude are all that is given to their leaders and to the creator. Gratitude is the only acknowledgement that is spoken, and clearly recognizes where the power lies, and the connection with themselves and which created them. Once again in our history, a major change is at hand. New Age is in readiness for change.

   Speakers, writers, painters, artists and teachers have been popping up all over the planet, declaring the arrival of the new age of awareness. Your book shelves are full of literature proclaiming the new empowerment. Itís time for man to be accountable, and accept the power and responsibility that goes with it. Itís time to move on.


Roy is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. An international published author, a student of NLP, spiritual philosopher, New Age Light Worker, Teacher and Phenomenologist. Roy's books and articles are thought provoking, and designed to empower your imagination.Review Roy's new book at: