ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Fingers - the Little Soldiers of Creation



Fingers are not something we devote a lot of time thinking about—but each of us has millions of fingers working for us.

   The magic of fingers, yours and mine, is they are the soldiers of creation. I am the master of my own ten fingers and all of yours. Your fingers and mine work together so I may experience all I desire. I am in command of a vast army of fingers which are dedicated to me. The whole purpose of your life is to command your fingers to serve me in one way or the other. It is in my service and presence your fingers come to attention.

   Everything that you did today since you got up this morning was in preparation for your fingers to serve me—I have that kind of power.

This may sound a little far out—but not if you really think about it. When you come into my presence it is because I have created the opportunity. You and I may not know exactly what it is, but nothing is by chance. Every meeting is an opportunity for two or more souls to serve each other. It may be that you and I have never met and it has taken fifty years of preparation for this moment—but every meeting is an opportunity whether it is taken or not. Every stranger comes bearing a gift whether the gift is received or not. Your ten fingers will contribute to an event I want to experience at some level of my consciousness. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, whether to rob me, kill me, befriend me, give aid to me or ignore me. You were summoned to me for one purpose or another.

   Long before you and I were born we agreed to meet sometime in this life’s experience. Our meeting may even be just a reminder or symbol of an event or turn that is supposed to take place. Everyone in my life will serve my purpose as I will yours. We are not alone, nor do we experience the physical life alone. Our soul friends are always with us, no matter what character they take on. All events have been planned and agreed upon before we are born. This does not mean everything is predestined—it means it has been planned, but not yet chosen or executed. My birth, my death, and my interaction with others will lead me to the experience I have chosen for this lifetime. Millions of fingers will be there for me when the time is appropriate and are called upon.

   At this very moment, you and your fingers are working the computer and reading this article. I have summoned you to read this and you have agreed to come—it is why you are here now. You don’t even know me, and you may think this is chance—but it is not. You agreed to do this long time ago, and you have fulfilled your obligation as you do with everyone else in your life.

   All fingers belong to the same body and are programmed to work together and independently as fingers on a keyboard. You may not believe this at this moment—but I promise you it is so. The very next person who comes in contact with you, your wife, a friend, your children or a stranger—you will extend you hand and fingers to help them in one way or another.

   If you are halfway around the world and are harvesting bananas, you are doing it for me, even though we may never meet each other—still your fingers are working for me. If you are located in another country and are writing an article or book I may read some day—you are working for me—we both agreed upon it before we were born. One hand helps the other because both hands are part of the same body. You cannot deny this connection for you have already read this article and demonstrated my point.

   The stranger you meet is—no stranger—he/she is a past acquaintance you met before your birth, when you shake hands all ten fingers will be reunited in a carefully orchestrated plan of events that started a long time ago. When you no longer look at the person as a stranger but a friend your whole world will open up and you will never feel alone again. There is much more to a handshake than what you may realize—your fingers are once again reunited and will rejoice in the union. There is very little I could experience without the promise of help from your ten fingers. All fingers will be joined at some time whether we know it or not. They are all here to serve each other and the body that hosts them. Fingers are the little soldiers of creation.


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