ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Death is Planned Lovingly at the Highest Level



In the abstract world of the esoteric, souls are planning their rebirthing into the physical world.

   In the formless body of the creator, individualized pieces (souls) of the creator meet with others souls to plan out their new lives, the circumstances of their births, what they want to experience in this lifetime, and the time, place and circumstances of their death.

   In the greater picture, the body is an illusion—it is a vehicle for the soul to experience physical life. The soul chooses the parents that will bring them the greatest opportunity to experience what it is that it wishes to experience on earth. The soul also has an agreement with all the other souls that will be in physical form at the same time to help each other to manifest a desired result.

   There is no such thing as chance or luck, and all actions are agreed upon before birth. Your parents have agreed before-hand to give you birth, your siblings, relatives and all people that you interact with will have agreed to help you long before you are born. This is the greatest gift of unconditional love. From this understanding one can see the beauty in physical life and death—it is all orchestrated. You can never be a victim of someone else’s will because all individuals are in agreement. You cannot be harmed or murdered by another without your permission at some level of consciousness.

   This sounds barbaric and callus—in fact it is just the opposite. From the greater picture it is understandable and is unconditional love expressed. Because the soul can never die, the essence of who you are will live on forever. From the place of unconditional love you would gladly give you physical life to one that would take it, because that is what they wanted to experience and you give your love unconditionally. When it is time for your death all things will come together in agreement to accommodate how you wish to die. All things happen within the knowledge that you will not die, that you can not be harmed spiritually. It is only your body that is discarded and you will get a new one or even return to the old one if it is what you desire. Death is the experience that is desired and it is accomplished through unconditional love.

   Please remember that I am writing this from a place of greater understanding. You will not be able to accept what I have written if you try to understand it in physical terms. Physical reality is such a very narrow focus. I speak from experience, as I was involved in my own drowning with the help of another soul that was holding me under water.

   The experience of trying to hang onto life is terrifying and we panic. The body is ready for death and moves into shock, it is kind of a numbing experience, a disorientation of the soul that is ready to move out of the body. At the moment that the body gives up, the panic is over. For me. it was the most wonderful experience I have ever hand. Everything was completely calm—there was no struggle, no fear or apprehension—nothing matter(ed), there were no physical sensations. For a short time I did not feel the weight or burden of my body, nor was there any sense of time.

   I was pulled from the water by the one that was holding me down. I did not experience anything until I was sitting up on the pier gasping for breath.

   As a physical being it is hard for me to imagine jumping out of a burning building, or being burned to death or choosing to die from suffocating. But these are all choices, they are not put upon us by accident. Our choice of death is assured as are the circumstances surrounding it.

   It is within the physical experience that these things are horrific. I cannot imagine a mother grieving over the loss of her three year old daughter agreeing with this on a conscious level. I cannot imagine anyone that has experienced a death from war or natural disasters as agreeing with this. But for those that want to understand the bigger picture, these things are done from unconditional love and never against any soul’s will. The ego will not agree with this either, because it is focused in the physical world and it always fears for its extinction. The ego does not realize it will survive after death. It is the fear of the ego that keeps the body out of harms-way most of the time while living.

   For those like myself that have experienced near death or death, there is no fear of death anymore. In fact I think that most of us would welcome death. In between times, life is even more attractive because it gives opportunity to experience all the physical senses. The physical realm is unique, very attractive and desirable. Death is the doorway between the world of the absolute and unlimited, to the world of the physical and limited. One must experience both in order to experience either one.

   Dying is a blessing in that allows us to experience both realms of existence. All deaths are planned in advance and the other souls involved and the circumstances are brought to us in order that we may experience it willingly. The loss that one feels is real, but it is for the loss that one morns—not for the death. It is an opportunity given to us from those which have died, to feel lose and to cherish life. We will die in our turn, and the greatest love you can be given is the freedom to choose your birth and your death, on your terms. Death is a relationship between that which is not, (living) and that which is, (death). It is the joining between two ends of the same stick. They are the same thing, and souls are never separated. There is only the illusion of which you morn—you morn the separation.

   With the understanding of what death really is, brings the awareness and the reuniting of that which you think you have lost.

   At a higher level one will bless the circumstances of his own death and those that chose to help with it. It is the right hand shaking hands with the left, knowing it is only the body which separates them, and it is only the body which holds them together—it is two thumbs up! Life is only the closing of a blinked eye—it is that short absence between what you see and what you see once again.


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