ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


The Llama Party



Recently I was invited by my sister to a Llama party organized by her cousin and some friends.

   I have never heard of a Llama party and I seldom ever attend parties. This invitation however, was unique so I accepted not knowing what to expect. I wasn’t sure if there were going to be live Llamas or BBQ’D Llamas. The invitation peaked my curiosity and so I agreed to attend.

   I never met this cousin, and the only thing my sister told me of her was that she had polio and was a quadriplegic. In the back of my mind I was thinking that there was more to this than a family get-together. I thought maybe I was to contribute something to this woman regarding her current condition, perhaps some inspiration or words of wisdom.

   Netta, as she is called by her friends developed polio when she was sixteen. She is about 60 years of age, and knows that her body is crippled by this disease and her brain functions very well.

   Netta met us at the front of the house and I was introduced. I spoke to her for only a few moments before we all went to the party at the back of the house.

   One of Netta’s caregivers sat next to me and started up a long conversation. Eventually Netta made her way over to me and we started talking. My ego given its moment of opportunity went on to tell her about my sister’s and my reunion after 54 years. I told her the story of how we were reunited and how I was crippled and sent to the hospital for a year while my mother was pregnant with her. I told her of my miraculous recovery and the miracle that surrounded it.

   I went on to tell her my philosophy about health and injuries and how we have the power to choose or reverse illness. Netta listened politely and excused herself. She never talked to me again until we left the party three hours later.

   This morning while lying in bed, I was thinking about this article and decided to write about the Llama part. I just started writing the article and was having difficulty with it, when a friend and fellow author buzzed me on a chat network.

   It was during my chat session with my friend that I realized what I had done at the party and to this friend the day before. I broke the most cardinal rule that I could imagine. I went and did the one thing that I dislike the most about Christian behavior. I assumed that Netta needed to be saved. That she was not perfect the way that she was. This is the kind of arrogance that I dislike the most. It is also something that a highly developed person would never do. A soul meeting another soul would simply recognize each other and never judge what they are doing. Enlightened persons know that every soul is unique and is experiencing a different aspect of physical life—their present circumstances are always appropriate.

   No advice, prayer or healing should ever be given without the specific request or permission of that soul. To do so is the worst kind of spiritual malpractice that one can do. To judge anyone’s circumstances is to deny their very existence. A highly evolved person would accept another as they are and give assistance when needed or asked. Even an offer of assistance requires that you judge that one requires assistance. Someone that requires your help will make that known to you. It is a give and take situation that is already agreed to at some level of consciousness. When the time is right to help, you will know. Helping is a preordained experience agreed to by more than one individualized soul.

   The mistake that I made, does not work for me, given the fact that I say that I want to raise my spiritual awareness. I judged Netta—but it was an opportunity with a specific purpose—to bring some awareness and a reminder for me! I do not consider myself to be arrogant and do not want to demonstrate it in the future. At some level Netta and I agreed to this, and it was Netta that helped heal me. My thoughts had moved to a place that I do not want to be. I have made a correction and will remember a special meeting with a kindred soul.

   At a higher level of consciousness, it doesn’t matter that I may have knowledge that would benefit an injured or sick person—this  information would be made known to a person should they want it. Having this information, I would find myself in the right time and place to share it. Illness, accidents and misfortune are steps along an individual’s chosen path. However the soul may not view them as such, and may have a specific reason for them.

   Yesterday, there was one that needed healing—and a healing was performed.


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