ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


They Are Here and They are Not Hiding



They have come and they are making there presence known.

  The Indigo children are here and have been since the eighties. These children are often called the computer children. They are smarter than their predecessors and are quicker thinkers. These children are very intuitive and know what you are thinking. You cannot lie to them, as they can see right through you.

  They can sometimes be very difficult to handle and are often diagnosed as having A.D.D. or A.D.D.H.D. and are often put on medication to control their behavior, this has the same effect as putting a pillow over their heads when they are born.
The world is constantly evolving, and all life forms come and go as part of the evolution. Old species of animals disappear and new ones replace them, as do plants and vegetation. We as humans are changing with our environment as well. Our food is changing, becoming less nutritious and so we have to add supplements to our diet to replace what is missing. It has been said that if we brought a human of one hundred years ago into this environment, they would have difficulties surviving.

  Humanity evolves very slowly as older generations are reluctant to change what they have known to be their truth over their lifetime. These truths are passed on to the next generation and things are done pretty much the same way for several generations. These could be considered as small steps along the way of global evolution.

  Then every few generations a new human is introduced into the population that propels it into a new world-new thinkers for the new world are being born. They started arriving in the 80's. Parents, teachers, counselors, therapists and others have noticed a profound change in some of our children. Up until recently these children have been treated as patients or children with learning disorders.

  The indigo children are different and they stand out from the rest. They are critical thinkers that will not take the status quo at face value. They will question you and demand straight answers, and they will try and make you accountable for your actions. These children are extremely intelligent and can read your mind. They cannot accept the hypocrisy that the old generation has grown up with, and will rebel against it. These children are here for one reason, and that is to move the world to a quantum leap in its evolution. These children are equipped to handle this next great step, as the world begins to move very quickly. They leave behind a generation that can not keep up with the changes in technology and the effects it is having on the world's populations. These children are designed for the computer generation and its high speed changes.

  In my job, I go into five or six homes a day to do inspections. I am always respectful of children when I see them. I tell them who I am and I ask them their names. I try to talk to them for a few moments before I continue my inspections with their parents.

  Over the last few of years I have become aware of these special children and I am anxious to meet them and interact with them. I find them refreshing and enlightened, and I am always interested in what they have to say. The term "Indigo" is fairly new to me-but I have always been aware of these children as being special.

  In their homes, these children are drawn to me, mostly I believe because there is a mutual recognition of each other's presence. They are looking for me and I them. These children follow me around and want to be close. They tell me things and don't often ask questions. Although a stranger in their home, and having only a couple of minutes of contact with them, they are not even that curious about why I am there. The seem to be present in the moment. While talking to their parents they will climb up on my knee. They don't always talk-they just want to make contact. Some of them will come to me and want to give me a hung after only a few words. I believe it is simply the joy of the mutual recognition of being in each others presence. They know I know, and I know they know.

  Delightful and demanding, these children are a joy to be around. As a parent I don't know if I would have the energy or the patience to raise one. For the time that I spend with them, it seems to be enough for them to have me know that they are here.

  I would like to direct your attention to a book by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober called 'The Indigo Children'. If you suspect or know that you have one of these children-you owe it to yourself and them to read this book. These children require special care and handling, if you are to receive the gift they bring you. You will learn much from them, as they talk about their past and future lives and the people they have known or will know. These children often have invisible friends that they talk to-you can join in on their conversations and learn a great deal. These are remarkable children that demand your attention and they will always find a way to get it, even if it is in destructive ways. They look to you to honour them, and to give them the love, freedom, trust and understanding they need to take over where you left off, and where you can never go.

  They are not to be feared but loved, because they are setting the stage for your return as their Indigo children.

  They are here, they are all around you, and you cannot mistake them, they won't let you. Celebrate their arrival and guide them well.


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