Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


I Talk to My Car



I have been driving vehicles since I was 12 years old. Back in those days giving your vehicles a name was the thing to do.

  I grew up in farm country, and animals and cars had names. There was always an old Betsy around somewhere, if it wasn't the car, or tractor-it was one of the cows. Trees and plants had names. I believe that farm people enjoy a real connectiveness with their environment. I don't know if they still give names to everything, but I grew up with the practice, and I call my car by its name every morning.

  I have removed the familiarity out of the equation, and now say good morning car. At the end of the day I say thank you car. In between times I often tell it how it serves me well. I tease it with an oil change or the promise of new tires or I reward it with a wash. I use my car for work and it serves me well. It hasn't let me down ever. I have a working relationship with it and a policy that works for both it and I-'You treat me right, and I'll treat you right.'

  Many people talk to their cars. I don't usually tell people that I do, but I am always surprised that when I do, the person either does himself or knows someone that does. It would seem that men especially talk to their cars-so maybe it's a guy thing. I haven't run into a lot of females who talk to their cars, although I have run into a few that have cried over them when they didn't work.

  This might stretch you imagination somewhat, but there is scientific proof that we communicate with all things at a sub molecular level. Things respond to the sound of our voice on a physical level as well. Our voice is simply air vibrating and that causes things around us to vibrate as well.

  We call things inanimate, because they are not alive. However that is not really the case. All things move at the sub molecular level. The atoms that make up your physical body are exactly the same atoms that make up the computer that you are reading this from. They are the same atoms that make up a rock, a car, a tree or anything physical. And all electrons of every atom are in constant communication with each other. Through quantum mechanics it has been shown that the movements of atoms are effected by the observer. We effect the movement of all atoms, organic or inert. All things respond at an invisible level to us.

  The connection to us is more obvious in so called living things. Animals respond to our voices and our actions in a way that we can observe. There are some people that are really closely connection to trees and plants.

  I was sitting in my car outside Tim Hortons one day. Just before I got out of my car I noticed an earthly looking women walk up to a young tree in front of the restaurant and put her hands on it. She moved her hands slowly up and down the tree a couple of times and while doing so, she was talking to it. She did this for about a minute then went into the restaurant.

  During my childhood, my brother and I spent a lot of time climbing trees and sitting on their branches. There was a kind of kinship I felt with the trees, they were my friends.
Some people can understand this relationship with living things, and reject the bonding with inanimate objects. But for those that do talk to their machines and belongings, they will tell you that things respond as well.

  I can tell you from experience that my cars have always treated me well and have never left me on the side of the road. While writing this article it brought up a memory of a truck that I used for business that did leave me on the side of the road once. However on reflecting back, I can honestly say that I never talked to it. It was a work vehicle and for some reason I ignored it.

  Now, I know that there will be some people that say they never talk to their cars, and they never have problems with them. I will also tell you that even though you are not verbalizing to them, you are still communicating with them and everything around you. We all do at some level of consciousness. Don't believe it? Do some reading on Quantum Mechanics. Think about this-when you are talking on your cell phone-are you talking to the phone or the person on another cell phone? Is the cell phone part of the communication or not?


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