ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Ten Reasons Why You Can't Do IT



1. Your mother told you, you can't do it.
2. Your father confirmed it for you.
3. Your brother told you, you can't do it.
4. Your sister told you, you can't do it.
5. Your best friend told you, you can't do it.
6. Your teacher told you, you can't do it.
7. Your preacher told you, you can't do it.
8. Your TV told you, you can't do it.
9. Your book told you, you can't do it.

10. You told yourself, you can't do it.

It's no wonder you can't do it-and you will never be able to do it.

   Life has no secrets-they are like magic-you simply are not aware of the answers yet.

   The process of manifesting the things that we desire is not magic-nor is it a secret. And the only reason that you will never be able to do it consciously, and on demand-is that you don't believe that you can.

   Since you were born, your parents from ignorance, and the others to follow have schooled you in what you can and cannot do. They have prepared you for a life that they know and have accepted for themselves. Their parents and their own life experiences have taught them that there are certain things that they cannot do. There are things that you must accept as reality.

1. You cannot fly.
2. You cannot walk on water.
3. You cannot turn water into wine.
4. You cannot turn lead into gold.
5. You cannot be in more than one place at a time.
6. You cannot move mountains.
7. You cannot turn back the hands of time.
8. You must accept there are things you cannot change.
9. You cannot avoid getting sick or having accidents.
10. You cannot live forever.

   I was told at the age of six that I would never walk again-a victim of perthes disease-a year later I was completely healed. I have lost everything I own three times in my lifetime, and I am back again, and I have cheated death more than once.

   Having said that-I did most all of it on a subconscious level. I have fought with my ego about how I would make these recoveries. Most all the time, things did not go the way I thought they should, even though the end result was the same.

   Despite all the stupid things that I have done, I always get to where I wanted to be.

   Over the last six years, I have moved from a place of quiet acceptance, to a place of awareness. I have found where the power to create really comes from. I have discovered my own power. I know that I create all the circumstances of my life. I have also found out that I can construct the manifestation of my own thoughts on demand. I have also found out that by trying to control how it is done, it takes me longer to achieve the end result.

   The last six years has brought me to my own power, and it has also brought up many other issues that get in the way of me using it constructively. There seems to be a built-in protocol which allows access to power based on my ability to use it. In other words, with real power, comes real maturity and responsibility to use it wisely. I always have just enough to accomplish, what it is I desire in the moment.
Power is very much like alcohol, you can get drunk on it, and it will destroy you. This has been demonstrated many times in history, with those that would rule the world. Once you have the power over life and death, and all things physical, and you can see over the mountain-where is there to go?
You have absolute power now, to create all that you desire. You are not using it because you believe all that has been told to you. You have limited your own access to it. The only power that humanity really has at this time in its maturity-is to destroy itself. He does this because he can clearly see that he has this power, he believes it, and he must demonstrate this power or it is not power.

   Man also has the power to create. Create new life, different life forms, and worlds. Humanity's power has been demonstrated to him by others that would be called witches, sorcerers, gods and sons of gods. Man's power does not come from outside himself, and this is where he has been looking for it for centuries. This is also why he has failed to find it or control it consciously. You do not have what you do not know is yours. You cannot own what is not yours.
To have the power of God, you must know yourself as God first. To have the power of a lesser god, you must be a lesser god. You already have the power that you believe you are
deserving of, and are willing to accept.

   If you believe that you do not have the power to fly, you will always crash and burn. You will always experience what you believe-this is the promise of the universe.

   Your life was never meant to be a struggle! It is the way it is, because at some level of consciousness you have limited yourself. Life is a struggle for many because they are caught up in the drama of their own lives. Struggle does bring growth, maturity and power-still, it is the slow way of getting there, and it is an option or choice always.

   Physical life is addicting with all its ups and downs, and emotions. The fastest way to manifest what you desire is to know that you already have it and express gratitude for its being. This kind of creation only comes with maturity and the knowledge of absolute power. It is doable, and comes with awareness and with the power of intent to use it.

   The three steps to manifesting our circumstances are thought, word and deed. It is a simple process that is very difficult-because our own thoughts get in the way of making it happen.

   In the perfect world we "can do it." In our world we "can't do it" and it is perfect that we can see how we make that happen. We demonstrate that thought every day-it is observable!

   There are those who have emerged and are demonstrating that all things are possible, just by thinking about them. Man is limitless in his imagination and therefore in his creation-with the power to move mountains and create new worlds-"You
will do all these things and more."

   Think about what it is that you desire-be sure of the end result! Take the first step towards that goal and all the others steps will fall into place. Never lose sight of the end result. All the steps will come easily if you are moving in the correct direction. Things get difficult when you have moved away from the path that you have chosen. The struggle is there only if that is what you wish to experience. And struggle is a thought, a perception of the process. It is what you are experiencing because you believe that it is so. Create your dream, because it is yours, and you will move faster. The power is yours; it always was-it does not come from anywhere else. Claim what you do not have and it will be yours. Do it because you can, not because you are deserving or not. Practice patience, purpose, and intent. A year will turn into a month, a month into a day, and the results will be experienced immediately, within your ability to know that it is.
  There is no real reason why you can not do it-only an imagined one!


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