ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Assumption - A Level of Consciousness



At a recent sales meeting my boss decided to talk to us about assuming. To talk about assuming is just chasing your tail—it doesn’t go anywhere, except in circles.

   First of all he demonstrated a tiresome response to assuming—When you assume—you make an ass out of u and me. Now, it is entirely possible for me to make an ass out of me—the best I can do for you is to give you the opportunity to become an ass, but I cannot make an ass out of you.

   He was suggesting that in anything other then selling you must not assume anything, but in selling a product or service to a customer, you must assume the sale. This is positive thinking that brings the sale closer to reality, but it doesn’t guaranty the sale. The sale is not made until you make the sale, no amount of assuming will close the sale.

   In our everyday life assuming is an essential part of our affairs. When I went to bed last night I made a lifetime of assumptions. I assumed that I would wake up in the morning. I assumed that it would be in the same bed, and that I would be as healthy as I was when I went to sleep. I assumed that the sun would be up, and that everything in the household, the neighbourhood, the country and the world was as I left it. Because I have not yet looked outside, and have not yet checked the news, I assume this to be the case. In discussing assumptions, I am chasing my tail, because one assumption leads to another. Assumptions are valid only in the future and on a conscious level of experience.

   In truth nothing is the same as I left it last night. I have changed, and my environment has changed—all things are constantly changing on a molecular level. I will make a conscious evaluation or assumption as I begin to experience my waking world, as old information is being reinforced by what my senses can tell me during the day. Assuming works for us most of the time, because our lives would be negatively impacted if you had to go through a lifetime of learning everyday just to re-establish what we know to be true. It is a buffer zone that gives us time to evaluate and re-evaluate our circumstances.

   The boss was very near the truth when he suggested that we assume the sale before we begin to make our presentation. Assuming however is not a guaranty—the fasted way to make a sale is to know that you have already done it. You can then assume that all the things that you are going to do will be the experience of leading to the sale. Knowing is absolute—assuming is a desired experience! The fasted way to get what you desire is to know that you already have it. Appreciation—the synonym for assuming, acknowledges ownership. You would not be appreciative for something that you do not own—therefore you must already own it. Gratitude is another word that could be the opposite of assume. You give gratitude for things that you are already experiencing or already have, whether it is a promise or a physical reality.

   If you know that you are still alive, and the sun is up in the morning, then you don’t have to think about it. Knowing is not assuming, it is acknowledgment of your state of mind, that what you know is so. I know myself as Roy, therefore I am. I am that I am.

   Many people will tell you that you should not assume, but the human body was not created to focus on all that it knows in any given moment.

   Knowing and assuming are places in time and space that are given relative importance or priority. It is OK to assume that your trip to Italy from Canada is booked three months down the road, and that you will be going. However it may not work in your best interest to assume the plane is going to be leaving on time as you make your way to the airport. Prudence would suggest that you phone ahead, and check on all reservations. The assumptions don’t end there. There is no way you can assume that you are going to reach your destination just because you are on the plane. You will know it when it becomes your experience.

   Assuming is part of life, it is correct to assume many things about your life. As you begin to become more adept in manifesting your desires consciously, you will not have to assume anything. You will simply accept that it is your reality.

   Knowing for the conscious mind comes from acceptance. Accept that what you know as so, and you will experience it.

   The words we use are important to manifest what we want to desire. The words must match the thought behind them or the result may be chaotic. If you assume something, you may not get it. If you know something, it will always be your experience. You may think that this is just semantics, but it is precisely because we do not use the right words that we do not manifest what we desire. It is the correct choice of words that bring the correct experience.

   I do not assume this, but know it to be true because it is my experience. All thoughts are appropriate, all words are appropriate given the outcome that you wish to experience. If you do not experience what you desire, then it is because you have chosen poorly or you are not in harmony with what your subconscious thoughts are. You will always experience your thoughts as they are now. Your physical experiences are symbols of what your thought process is in this moment.

   Assume if you will—this is part of the joy of experience. It is the trip that counts, not the destination! But if you really need to get there now—know that you are. The greater your awareness of these things, the better you will be able to manifest them in your experience. Controlling your thoughts takes time and discipline. The power and rewards will come with it as you mature in your ability to use it wisely.

   The fact that you cannot manifest a thing on demand now, simply tells you that your awareness of why you cannot is greater than your awareness of why you can.

   The absolute acceptance of this awareness can bring the experience into your life now. And as you are reading this, listen to all those little voices within you that are saying it can’t be done. If you hear them, then you have a pretty good understanding of why your life is the way it is now.


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