ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Ten Commandments That Don't Work



In the process of arming myself with information about the Ten Commandments for my new book, I came across the Ten Punishments.

   If only we could get away from the thoughts of dying and move to thoughts of living. Religion seems to be all about putting people to death. That is their method of crowd control. I guess a strong deterrent is the best deterrent.

   Maybe we should put some of these up on the fridge for the kids to read.

   From the Bible:

He that smiteth his father, or his mother, shall be surely be put to death.

   From The Qur’an

The eye that mocketh at his father, and despiseth to obey his mother, the ravens of the valley shall pick it out, and the young eagles shall eat it.

And he that curseth his father, or his mother, shall surely be put to death.

   It has been years since I have read anything from the Bible. Research has brought me to it again, along with the Qur’an, Book of Mormon and others. I stopped reading the Newspaper and watching the news on TV years ago because I did not want to read about doom and gloom or sensationalized events. These holy books present more violence than anything you could find in the news. It is just plain scary writing. It is amazing that our forefathers survived all this smiting, beheading, and being put to death. Death and violence were the symbols of the time. It is no wonder that modern man continues with these fine traditions.

   It leads me to wonder why there would be any kind of commandments against killing, begetting, or doithing unto others. It would seem that it was perfectly natural to be doing these things over hundreds of thousands or even millions of years.

   I know from my training in NLP, and my own life that human behavioral patterns are difficult and very slow to change. A million years may seem like a long time to us, but in the scheme of things in the universe—it is a wink of the eye.

   What is truly amazing is that these holy books are still read and assumed to be practical for modern society. The doctrines are still followed and the carnage continues. There is no one book better than the other. They all demonstrate the natural violence of humanity, and it is still being played out. Violence is man’s nature and the moral religious codes have done nothing to stop it. Fear of death, damnation and suffering has not stopped violence. That is because violence begets violence. Man’s intellect has not evolved enough so that he can move away from violence—reason fails him miserably.

   If it is natural for man to kill, then there is nothing inherently right or wrong with it. But if it is not desirable to do it any longer and we continue, then we are insane. Common sense does not allow us to continue to do a thing that does not work. Humanities insanity has been with us all this time and there are leaders that use this insanity to get what they want. There are common folk that follow the path of violence in there everyday affairs. Just how evolved are we? Is it not obvious that we are now less enlightened than our predecessors, because we have the benefit of time and experience and have done little to change?

   Still for all the violence and the lack of obedience to religious morality there are people that live on this planet as though it were Heaven. These people know of the violence, but it is not part of their lives, and they are not touched by it. The experience of violence is a choice that we make at either a subconscious or conscious level. We are not victims—we bring to us all that we choose to experience.

   In order for a society to advance, we must move away from that which has kept us from advancing. We must leave the old orders and institutions, close the books on religious doctrine and replace it with something that reflects a more advanced society. If murder is something that works then we should embrace it instead of being hypocritical of it. If it is against human nature to move away from it then the laws against it should be changed. Death is a sure thing, but murder and wars are not, unless we decide that it is, and so far that has been demonstrated.

   If it is not possible for humanity to stop sleeping with another’s spouse then the moral laws should be changed to reflect that inability. If it is not possible to stop coveting, than why mention it in the Ten Commandments. Let’s endorse it and remove the punishment.

   If for some reason we believe that humanity has moved past all that, then why are we still doing it? Why are we still living with a religious moral code that says one thing and does another?

   If the Ten Commandments are for religious moral upright individuals why doesn’t it work? Morality has seriously let us down, unless we see mankind as severely retarded or lost. I don’t believe that—and all it would take is a change of attitude, and a switch to "what works and does not work," in his awareness.

   If it is humanities desire to move to a higher awareness or enlightenment then he would begin to notice what is taking him there and what is not. He would no longer do things that do not bring him to enlightenment. The idea or concept of "right and wrong," or "good and bad," does not deter humanity from these atrocities.

   The issue with changing these ideas is that man has given away his power to those that created them in the first place, and is looking for them for change—it isn’t happening. He has waited for millennia, and will wait for an eternity until he finally figures it out that the power for change comes with the individual—not anyone else.

   If you believe you are above all of this, then you must demonstrate it or you are just part of that which you despise. There are things you can do to demonstrate your new truth. Of course all that I have said is just lip service, a concept, my own truth and has no meaning to anyone else.

   If this were popular opinion, then we would already have world peace and enlightenment.


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