ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


My Life Is Brilliant



This is the first line from a number one hit song on the radio that is circulating the air waves lately.

   It is part of a beautiful love song about a women and a man that passed by each other and shared an unspoken moment. The title jumped out at me as a statement that can reflect each of our lives.

   Our lives are even more brilliant than what was suggested in this song by James Blundt. We are all so intimately connected, and the illusion is the separation. As we move in for a closer look and study our own life, we can begin to see just how unique and brilliant we are as individuals—connected.

   As individuals, we tend to see our lives as successful or failed. What we do not see is how magnificent it is. It’s often difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are buried in the dirt that you have created while digging it. Reflecting on our life’s circumstances takes some discipline. Most of us look only at the surface, and the results of our actions, rather than the causes and the patterns of behavior and thought that we use to create our circumstances.

   Self analysis is difficult for us because we are so personally involved, and much of our analysis is about blaming. We consider what we do as good or bad, rather than brilliant. Our revue has much to do with emotion or feelings rather than cold analysis of facts. While performing self analysis, we try to justify each step, rather than just accepting it as fact and proceeding.

   All of us have the ability to remove ourselves from our physical body and put ourselves in the position of the "silent observer." This unseen consciousness is somewhat elevated and removed from our physical being. From this position we can clearly see where we have come from and where we are going. We can clearly see whole patterns of movement that lead us to a result. Our thoughts become visible but clouded by emotions that obscure the true intend of what it is that we desire.

   For instance, we may have a pattern of seeking relationships that are on the surface supportive, but subconsciously reinforce a root thought that we are undeserving of love. The pattern may lead us into a relationship with a certain type of individual time and time again, that turns out to be abusive and mentally damaging to our ego, because we believe that we deserve it.

   If we can take the other person out of the equation for the moment and just look at ourselves from this lofty position of the "silent observer," the subtle patterns of thought are revealed. We can begin to see where we started, and the thoughts that created the outcome.

   Your thoughts support the actions and the actions reinforce your root thoughts. "I am an undeserving person—and that is why I am in this bad relationship." So this is the root thought; now you proceed to create the obvious. You fool your ego into believing that you want a relationship that will be supportive of your desire to be deserving and you subconsciously look for a mate that will do just the opposite, because you don’t deserve it.

   With a close look at this pattern of behaviour, you will be able to see the destructive thoughts, and you will no longer be fooled. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will stop the pattern. If it is a thought that you have become comfortable with, you may continue repeating it. The ego does not like change, and will fight to keep the status quo.

   So now the thoughts have been revealed and you can see where they have lead you many times—you have a choice that you never had before.

   This is the brilliance that I am talking about. You are such a great creator, that you can have anything that you desire, and you know exactly how to get it.

   The second line of that song is "My life is pure" should be a statement of your life as well. There is no one else in the history or future of humanity that can create the same was as you. You are one of a kind and an integral part of all things. The rest of humanity or life could not exist without you. As great or as miserable as you know your life to be—you are one piece of the puzzle, and the puzzle can never be complete without you.

   How you live your life is a choice—you are never a victim but are creating it with the cooperation of others that interact with you. You become part of a group, a soul group which in turn is part of the whole and finally you see no connection, because there is no other one—there is just you. You are conscious and are interacting with yourself in the physical realm. You are creating an illusion of existence, and you are magnificent in your creation. Life is not about you, you are life itself, and that is what you are experiencing—the movement of life in all its aspects—life interacting with life, because life is all there is!

   You life is brilliant, your life is pure—there is only one of you, and your master plan is beautiful—to experience being physical. Subconsciously you will create all the circumstances that will bring you a desired physical experience. Because that is what you want. When the light shines through, and you know that you have achieved your desire you will no longer wish it—you will desire something else.

   When you begin to see the root cause of your circumstance, there will be no need to experience it again.


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