ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


I Am God, I Am Life, I Am Roy


All of these are the same, God, Life, and Roy-there is no separation.

   Would you know God if you seen him/her. If God was staring you in the face how could you tell it was he? If I told you than I am God, would you recognize me? Yet, that is exactly who I am.

   If I told you I was God, you would probably want proof. You would want me to prove that I am the version of God that you have imaged.

   God is life-the two words are interchangeable. Yet life does not have to prove anything. Life simply is. You cannot prove the existence of life-you simply assume that it exists. Life is the energy that gives animation, and reason to the things that you believe are alive. In the truest sense of life, all things are alive. Life is energy in motion-all things have motion, even so-called inanimate objects.

   God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. There is nowhere that God is or is not. All that is, is God. We are God, the creator of all things that we can sense. We dwell within the awareness, and existence of that which created us. To say that I am not God is to deny the existence of God. We are all made of the same stuff, the same atoms. The electrons of each single atom are in constant communication with each other. They are intelligent and aware of each other. This has been demonstrated in our physical world through quantum mechanics.

   It is reasonable to assume that something created us, an intelligence that is aware of us.

   It is not necessary to understand spiritual matters. It is done to satisfy human curiosity. When you go swimming-it is to swim. When you go to Rome-it is to see or experience Rome. When you order steak-it is to enjoy it. You came to planet Earth to experience it. This is the only place that you need to focus your attention. You are here to experience physical life. Heaven and Hell are out there if you believe in them. But you are missing the point of being here if you are dedicating your life to thinking about someplace you may or may not go to.

   Life has purpose-it is the purpose that you give it that has any meaning. You are one of almost six billion different manifestations of that which created you-exploring the physical three dimensional world called Earth.

   You are as a wave on the ocean-you are not the ocean, but are a part of it. You are not God per se, but you have all the attributes and characteristics of God. Just as the waves have all the attributes and characteristics of the ocean. They are individualized peaces of the whole with access to the whole and its power. At the molecular level of consciousness you are aware of your connection to all other things.

   All others, and all other things are an elusion you, as God created within your own realm, to experience yourself as God. In the realm of the absolute-which is the sum of its parts, the whole cannot be experienced without the experience of all its parts.

   If God had to prove that he is God, how would he do it? Who would he prove it to, if all that is, is God.

   If you think that God does magic, you would be correct-he does it in the form of a magician. If you think the God heals, you would also be correct--he does it in the form of a healer. If you think that God creates life, you would again be correct-but he does it through you.

   You truly are God, you just don't know it! Life declares itself simply by being. It does not have to prove its existence. God does not prove his existence, because he already knows himself as "I AM." He just doesn't know what he is-that is your purpose. It is you that is defining God one individualized piece of himself at a time.

   I am God! You are God! You will know yourself as God, when you declare that you are. You cannot be anything but God if you believe that you are returning to God. Who would return to God, but God.

   If you came from God, and you are returning to God-what does that make you in between?

   A wave is individualized for the purpose of crashing to the
shore. Once it reaches the shore most of it returns immediately. In the time and space that it takes for the wave to leave, and come back-the ocean knows itself as whole once more. God defines himself the same way. God knows itself as God, by dividing itself up, and experiencing itself one peace at a time in every probability that he can imagine.

   I am God, manifesting in the human body known as Roy. The more I understand, and "know" this, the greater my connection to the whole, and the power that is rightfully mine.

   When I am able to see through the illusion I have created about my own existence, the more I can appreciate it, and experience it fully. The more responsible I am for my own power, the more power I will obtain over my own life.

   God is Life, I am alive, and in all ways I am God. I cannot prove it, I simply know it. I cannot prove I am Roy either-it is what I know.

   I am the great "I AM." I am this or that, doing one thing or the other. Whatever words follow "I AM" will make my life more complicated, but it will allow you to define your experience of me.

   If I told you "I AM" God, you would not recognize me, because your connection to the whole is so far removed. You have a physical image of what God should be. But God is not a person place or thing-it is everything! Know yourself as God, and you will eventually return to God. Know yourself as something else, and that is what you will experience.


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