ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Your Way is Not My Way



Your way is not my way, is the title for this article—but I have changed my mind about writing it.

   I am not going to write anything that is title related. It doesn’t matter what your level of awareness is or whether you know yourself to be enlightened or not. We are all human. We are all subject to human emotion, and at this moment I am going to give into it. It’s all about choice.

   There is absolutely nothing that I "have to do." Unless I believe that I have to.

   I don’t have to go into work today, because it’s Sunday. But even if it was Monday—I have the choice of not going in. I may have to suffer the consequences of that choice. In knowing that I have a choice—I have gained some power over my circumstances—and that gives me some freedom.

   If I were to carry if further—I don’t have to do anything. Every choice will lead me to a new situation, and if I am aware that further choices are coming, how can I be surprised, because they are welcomed simply by the act of making a choice. Every choice leads to another.

   We imprison ourselves with self importance, in that we believe life cannot continue without us—so we make ourselves available to prove the thought pattern.

   Now, I have chosen not to follow the title of this article, and have written about something else. There will be far reaching ramifications for doing so—I will never know about most of them.

   I don’t have to submit this article to any site or use it on my own. No one will ever know, except for those that are looking for a new article from me each week—but they will survive.

   However because I see myself as reliable, I will published this article to demonstrate the image I have of myself, not from obligation, but from desire. It is part of the responsibility I accepted when I started this site. However I am a slave to it, only if I see myself as enslaved, and because I see this article as beneficial to myself first—it doesn’t matter if it is published or not. I publish it to help others from a desire to experience helping.

   Our lives can be changed in a heartbeat if only we decide to do it. The first step comes from turning left with your next move, rather than right as you have always done. Awareness that you desire change will bring the opportunities for change.

   For those of you that were expecting something else in this article, "surprise," you have been directed down a different path—one that may have caught you off guard, and opened your mind to a different possibility.


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