ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter





Only God commits suicide—the body cannot.

   Suicide or the taking of one’s life is always an option, always a choice—but there is a difference.

   When the ego decides to kill the body it is murder. When the soul decides to leave the body, it is suicide. Suicide is not preventable or contemplated on a conscious level. This act of leaving the physical body is decided by the soul.

   If you understand the soul has its own agenda, own purpose for coming into the world, then it would follow—it would have its own purpose for leaving.

   Before birth the soul decides what it wishes to experience in the physical world. It chooses the parents, time and place of birth that will best facilitate what it wishes to experience in physical life. The ego or physical body is the vehicle it uses to navigate through our three dimensional world. The physical body is the captain that is in charge of the body while it is alive. Through free choice and unconditionality the ego is free to choose from a buffet of options as to how it wishes to experience its new life.

   As the ego navigates through a lifetime of choices bringing into its awareness the desires of the soul—body, mind and soul are working in harmony.

   If the life cycle is or becomes a struggle, it is because of poor communication between spirit and mind—but more than likely the desire of ego to remain autonomous and in control. Ego always fears for its existence and struggles through ignorance of the soul’s existence. Through lack of awareness, the ego does not understand its own immortality. The memory and personality of the soul is never lost—only the body is discarded. Should the soul decide that it no longer wishes to experience the physical life, it can leave the body in less than a heart beat. The body can remain alive under certain circumstances—but the soul moves on.

   Neither humanity, nor ego can stop the soul from leaving the body once it chooses to do so. The soul knows that it can have another body anytime that it chooses. It is also aware that this physical life is only one of an infinite number of realms of existence. The soul, the memory, and the personality of the individual leave the body as one.

   It is not the natural course of the body to be left behind, but to transfigure and leave the physical plane with the soul. Few have managed to do this. Jesus was one, Moses, Elijah and others are entities in Christian history that have transformed. The transfiguration of Buddha is another. Transfiguration comes from a very high level of awareness of the whole individual, in relationship to the environment, and connection to that which created it.

   The murder of the physical body comes quickly or slowly by physical means. A person can murder the body over decades of poor maintenance or abuse. Death can come from sudden trauma purposefully put upon the body, by the individual. The killing of the body by the ego is murder! It is a conscious physical action designed to terminate the life-force within the body. All physical actions are determined by the ego.

   I am not taking any moral stand here—but simply demonstrating the difference between suicide, murder, and transfiguration. Moral issues only apply to conscious beings that choose to accept them.

   It is the natural course for the human body to live forever. The body is designed to live many lifetimes. Death of the body comes from intelligence over time. Death is not a consequence of misuse or comes by chance unless there is intelligence that causes circumstances to come into play that will terminate the life of a body.

   Death through conscious or subconscious means is not preventable—it is desired at some level of consciousness—either by the soul or the ego.

   Death of the body or transfiguration is a natural transformation from the physical realm into another. It is desirable and inevitable—all things aspire to a higher level of consciousness.

   One can never escape from life, because life is all there is in one form or another. Experience or expression is the only desire of life. Death is another experience or extension of life. The moralistic attachment to death is created by humanity for physical reasons and has its own agenda. To the spirit, loss is not felt or noticed. Loss cannot be experienced because; the spirit comes from that which is everything.

   Because we are individualized pieces of the creator—God if you will—we do not make these decisions unilaterally, but in concordance with all parts of the being.

   God commits suicide within the physical realm of experience, because he no longer wishes to experience life in this body. When the ego decides it no longer wishes to experience life, it murders the body.

   When there is a strong connection between the ego and the creator, the body is transfigured when physical life is no longer desired.


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