ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Working With Self to Manifest Experience Through Desire



The greatest secret revealed about manifesting, or creating the circumstances of your life, is that you are working alone!

  Recently, at work I was promoted to "Sales Manager and Trainer." It is my responsibility to train new salespeople to sell our products. During my interaction with my first two candidates I was reminded that I am not training or helping another, I am training and helping myself.

  In my place of awareness I know that there is no one else. I am here alone on this planet, to experience something I decided before I was born. All living things are connected, and I bring into my life the other aspects of myself, which facilitates what I want to experience, even if only to make a choice.

  From this position, life takes on a whole new meaning, and brings freedom and power into my life--which I could never experience as a victim of life. From this understanding I realize I am creating the circumstances, and I am working in harmony with body, mind, and soul. When I take responsibility for my circumstances I gain a new perspective. Life is no-longer a struggle, but an amazing experience I am creating myself.

  For those that are left behind in this thought-there is only one soul-only one mind. The "one mind" works within itself to create other aspects of itself, so it can experience a desire in physical life. In this case I am both the teacher, and the student working together as one to experience a need to learn, and a need to teach at the same time, with the opportunity of doing neither one-if desired.

  The first of two candidates, well experienced-had hit bottom financially. It has never been my nature to volunteer to help, and I usually wait to be asked-seldom do I refuse. In this case, I could see great potential in this person as a co-worker and successful salesperson.

  The man was not prepared for his orientation, and job training, as he did not have the price of a cup of coffee, let alone money to purchase a few tools, or gas for his car. During my involvement with him I was able to move myself into the lofty position of the silent observer, and see this as a time of opportunity. Not an opportunity for him, but for myself. This man came into my awareness, because I brought him into it. Before this he did not exist in my conscious awareness. He is an aspect of myself bringing opportunity for me to experience a part of myself needed to be expressed. In this case he played the roll of student, allowing me to experience being a teacher. He played the role of one in need, allowing me to experience my own abundance, and become the giver. He also allowed me to experience what is called "unconditional love,"-in that I do not expect to be repaid or rewarded-the experience itself is its own reward, and contains the greatest value.

  All living things must express themselves physically, as this, or that. A seed planted will eventually express itself as a beautiful rose or a weed. Life is a physical expression of a thought.

  This man is a stranger in physical form, and an illusion. At a deep level of consciousness or understanding, he is really me-literally. I cannot help another, I can only help myself. When viewed from this understanding, life begins to make more sense. This awareness brings compassion, tolerance, love and expression, not to another, but to myself.

  This man came to me in need, because I was in need, it does not necessarily follow that I have to help him. The opportunity and awareness works both ways. I do not have to help him, if I so choose. The gift or opportunity remains the same. But in not helping him, I have demonstrated in that moment, I was not expressing myself as compassionate, helpful or even aware there was an opportunity. This is my truth, and is neither good nor bad. It is an opportunity to express myself. If I didn't help him, I would not have negated my own need to express myself.

  It is also an opportunity to experience other things as well. I can express guilt, fear, anger, remorse, obligation, procrastination, and duty, as well as many other things. The one and only thing that is consistent is there was an opportunity for me to express how I am feeling in the moment. I am not obligated to do anything-this is the greatest expression of "unconditional love," that I can afford myself-either from the position of being in need or having the means to give.

  Love in unconditional or it's not love.

  In hindsight, if you were to look back over the circumstances of your life-you would see these events as choices coming from love of self. Whether the opportunities were seen as good or bad at the time, they were choices created by yourself, in unconditional love.

  There is an expression that is going around in New Age philosophy-"your are not alone-we are all one." If you can understand the paradox in this statement of life, you will understand the greatest love of all-the love of self!


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