ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


War, What is it Good For

War is on everyoneís mind, and it is our first thought before peace is even considered. Thoughts of peace are trigged by the thoughts of war.

  Society has a passion for war, and it offers all of us something personal, and an opportunity to express ourselves without limits. After all if you hate your enemy, whatís he going to do, shoot you? War gives everyone an opportunity to demonstrate oneís feelings; we donít have to hold back. All feelings are openly supported by someone else that is feeling the same things, in an environment of extreme emotion.

  War is an openly acceptable way to express, anger, fear, guilt, hate, jealousy, love, compassion, sympathy, gratitude, appreciation, kindness, and these feelings have support in open forums and in private.

  War is opportunity to experience incredible wealth, or severe lack and it is about power, survival, dying, and suffering. Consciously we declare our hate for war, but underneath we harbour personal attraction for it.

  I donít understand my own attraction for it. I donít read newspapers or stories of war, I try to avoid the news on the television, but I am attracted to it nevertheless.

  I love war movies for some reason. The destruction of property boggles my mind. As a society we can come up with enough money to blow away and carrier worth billions of dollars, by a bomb worth tens of thousands of dollars, coming from and airplane that is worth tens of millions of dollars. And there are many of them, not to mention all the other expensive toys.

  I am mesmerized by the ability of humanity to come up with all this kind of technology so that he can blow it apart. I have a close bond with machines and this whole war thing just blows me away.

  Part of the attraction to war stories may well come from an opportunity for me to feel something. The moments of private suffering that victims go through, the compassion and kindness expressed under extreme conditions, the heroism demonstrated by the least likely characters. The openly demonstrated greed, hate and anger expressed by others. Stupidity is another aspect of humanity that shines in the movies, and I have to shake my head because the obvious is overlooked.

  Humankindís imagination knows no bounds in war, what ever works is the motivational drive that leads mankind to his/her greatest and lowest moments.

  Humanity believes it touches its best side while it contemplates killing with compassion, kill the bad guys while lessening the suffering. He truly thinks he can do these things.

  Why does a God Fearing country vote in a leader that openly sponsors war while it declares that it is compassionate and God Fearing? What kind of lies must it tell itself to justify its action? You cannot believe in peace or be peace loving, while you are demonstrating war. And if peace is to come, when is that going to happen? In thousands of years, when has peace come to the planet?

  I see great minds that can blind themselves to constructive alternatives for the opportunity of engaging in war. War is so compelling to many that they are willing to sacrifice themselves and others to engage in it.

  Demonstrations against war are loud, disruptive and many times, destructive. Peace is practiced internally in the quiet moments that you never hear about. They are expressed in the bowed heads and the tears that flow freely from the silent observers.

  The whole idea of war is one of opportunity. It is a time of sharing; sharing the time to kill each other, to create birth, to love, to hate, to survive, to parish, to give and take. The world comes together in this time of great sharing, to condemn, denounce, to make promises, and to recognize what humanity is truly capable of and then to celebrate once a year.

  How can this time of opportunity be anything but beneficial to humankind in the long run? We keep doing it, we understand at some level in our consciousness that if we keep hitting each other over the head with the same hammer, we will bring ourselves to our senses. In our reasoning we consider that if we kill often enough, create suffering and hardship long enough that we will learn that it is not working for us.

  I say that it is working for usÖ it must be because we keep doing it. I donít believe that it demonstrates peace or will ever bring peace to us. You cannot think of peace, while you are contemplating war. You cannot be for peace while you are demonstrating against war. You are either at peace or you are not. It is a personal issue and is manifested in a society where each individual lives in peace and demonstrates it.

  War is not something that society hates to do; war is something that society loves to do. Would it not be insanity to engage in something that you hate to do? If you say that you do not like fighting and then demonstrate that you are willing to fight for that belief, what kind of insanity are you demonstrating? What kind of lies are you telling yourself, and what is really motivating you to experience the fighting that you do not support? Do you really believe that you must fight to achieve peace? In all honesty, isnít it the peace that you do not like?

  Do you find peace boring, non engaging, and scary? Are the activities of a peaceful world really that objectionable that you are willing to die for war? If so then what lies are you telling yourself in order to give yourself enough motivation to kill, or be killed?

  For the hundreds of thousands or even millions of years that man has been on this planet, is war not the best way that he/she has found to truly express all of his qualities, all of his emotions and feelings in an open forum that supports all of them at the same time. Is man truly that barbaric that he cannot think his way out of the warring box that he/she finds herself in? Is it in wartime that man only has the opportunity and desire to talk about peace and begin to live it?

  I donít really have anything against war, if this is truly the only way that humanity has of fully expressing itself. War is a physical symbol of where humanity is in his enlightenment and awareness. War is a sign post that says, Heh we made it, this is where we are. All sign posts are appropriate and they are truths. They are not lies or deceptions, they are honest and are observable and demonstrated, they cannot be denied.

  There are no victims, there are no innocent. There is world collaboration and agreement for war, otherwise it could not happen. War in my thoughts is neither good nor bad, it is appropriate and an honest declaration of the world mind.
  War must be working for us, or we would not engage in it, and we cannot say that it doesnít work without saying that we are in fact insane.

  There are no good or bad peoples in war; deserving or non-deserving nations, There are simply partners that are engaging in a mutually beneficial act that allows each to express themselves to the world in a demonstration of how they see themselves in relationship to each other and their environment. They are truthsÖ thoughts manifested into physical realty, and simply sign posts that say this is who we are.

  War is a clear choice taken from a buffet of alternative choices. The right hand cannot strike the left hand unless both hands are in complete agreement at some level of consciousness.

  War does work for our mutual benefit. All thoughts must be expressed physically. War has been and will be with us for as long as humanity chooses it. And if we are truly insane, does that mean that we no longer have the option of choice? And if we are truly sane, will we continue to choose war as our way of expressing it?

  In all honesty, is there anything that we are doing that is not working for us?

  It is November 11, 2005, and what are we all doing? We are thinking about war. Is this the way to peace? We are thinking about all things of war, with peace maybe coming at the end of the day, numbed by the festivities of the day, the emotions, in the final moments before we pass out on the couch or in bed.

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