ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Testing Your Awareness


It is OK to be a murderer, a rapist, a thief, a cheater, a liar, or anyone that deviates from a life affirming society.
  The above statement should bring up just about every emotion that humanity is capable of and why not, we have all seen ourselves or others as victims of these anti social behaviours or are they anti social.
   As a physical being we all see these things as threatening and damaging to our quality of life and indeed to life itself. Because we are focused in the physical world we must react with physical feelings. These feelings are indicators or symbols of our own enlightenment and they are judgments that help us survive. Judgments are made, and are reacted to appropriately given our own model of the world and our relationship to it. They are symbols of how we see ourselves in relationship to each other.
   A highly developed spiritual person sees things much differently. They see things in a way that most of us would not comprehend or even want to. How you react to my opening statement is who you are and it is also OK for you present awareness.
   There are other thoughts that are just a valid and exist and work for a number of people that co-exist in the same time and space. These people are described in Neale Donald Walsh's books, "Conversations with God," and he refers to them as "h.e.b.s" highly evolved beings.

   As we move away from separation and individuality we begin to understand our connectiveness to our environment and to each other. Our thoughts move away from judgment, good or bad, right and wrong, and towards a different kind of thinking that notices what works and what does not work. Judgments bring punishments, which are also inappropriate actions in a highly developed society. Judgments are never accurate and deny the individuality of any soul.

   If you are not following this so far, that is OK, it is simple another way of looking at society and the circumstances that evolve around us in our present evolution. I use "evolution," here because it is easy for most to relate to, and I am aware of and have discussed choice and the realm of probabilities and probabilities in other articles and ebooks, and my new book, for now the word will work.

   Heb's do not see victims as victims and they do not see separation from one soul to the next. They see all that is in the context of being whole. The right arm is different from the left but it is connected through the body and is one with it. The right arm can act independently from the left or in co-operation with it. They are individualized parts of the body as are the rest of parts the body.

   Knowing this, a heb could not judge the right arm for doing a thing that does not work in the best interests of the rest of the body, if the arm is broken it is repaired. The actions mentioned in the opening paragraph are errors in thinking. An act of violence, although seen by the perpetrator as appropriate in the short term, does not work for the whole in the long term given the thought that the whole is in a state of flux and moving towards a state of complete awareness of perfection. All parts strive to come to this state.

   If you say that you want to go east to your destination and you turn out of your driveway and go west, it is not morally wrong, it simply won't work for you and you make a correction with the awareness that what you are doing is not going to get you there. If the awareness of a society is that it is moving towards enlightenment or betterment, it simply would not work to have individuals steal, rape, lie, cheat or deviate from the path of moving to wholeness.

  You would not cut off your left arm because it failed at a task. You would correct the thinking or physical error because it is in your best interest to do so. Heb's would also understand the illusion of separation and know that the left arm cannot do a thing to the right arm or any other part of the body without the complete co-operation of the other part. In other words there are not victims, only parts working together to create a circumstance.

  From this understanding at a very different level of consciousness, there can be no rape victim, no murder victim or any other kind of victim.

   If you are not following this and your emotions have taken over, that is OK, and you simply are not there yet. It is OK to feel the way that you do now. Your evaluations are coming from a different point in your journey and all points are valid. It is not my intention to make you feel anything at all, but to bring to you a different perspective that may or may not trigger an awareness in you that will cause you to think differently, to move you out of the box towards enlightenment.

   In truth I can not make you feel anything at all, and I can only bring you the opportunity to feel something. If you are starting to feel as though you are being victimized by this article remember that you have a choice. If you continue it is because part of you is already aware of what I have written and this is just a reminder.

  It is in the best interest of the body and the illusion of individualized parts of it, to have all members work towards reunification or enlightenment. To be whole, all parts must bring wholeness and be whole.

   As the parts begin to move closer to perfection the body will experience it. Enlightenment brings this awareness and the parts will begin to work in like fashion. Negative actions must be experience so that positive action can be realized. Humanity just isn't there yet. That is why we are experiencing all these so called terrible things around us. They are very clear symbols of an overall thinking, a separation from the whole that brings chaos and actions that are inappropriate considering where we say we want to be.

   I say this again, they are not bad or good, they are indicators, sign posts that tell us as a whole where we are now on our journey. Every run on the ladder is as important as the other if we want to reach the top.

  What we are seeing now, and what we are observing is that what we are doing is appropriate. It is also a sign that we need to move further along if we have not achieved what we desire individually and together.

  Because we are connected and all parts are agreeing at some level to "act out," these thoughts, then it would follow that we can also change our thoughts and have all parts move towards the next step or "next choice," in the experience of recreating the whole.

   Moralizations are physical judgments, and in the thousands of years that you have been on this planet, it simply must be clear to you that they do not work. They have not brought you any closer to this new awareness except in that they have been experienced and the observation has been made available to you. The error in thought is not in the actions themselves, but in continuing to do a thing that is not bringing you what you say you desire, there-in is the root of the insanity of which you are experiencing.

   You are not "right or wrong," "good or bad," what you are doing is not working. If anything, the physical word that best describes what you are doing is "insanity."

   Those that will continue to use "morality," as a basis for changing inappropriate actions will continue to get the same results. They will punish, the will incarcerate, they will reject, kill and deny and nothing will change. Guilt has never been a great motivator for change. It causes one to deny their true thoughts, and self denial is the greatest blasphemy. If one denies the truth about oneself, the whole can never be complete.

   Those that begin to turn away from "right and wrong," "good and bad," and replace these thoughts with a new thinking about "what works," and "what does not work," will begin to move farther along and their wisdom will take them to the next step.

Those that do not accept that they have the power to change their own lives will continue to wait for someone or something else to change it for them as it has always been.

   One cannot personalize the acts of others and expect to have any meaningful change.

   Every individual acts in accordance with the wishes of others at some level of consciousness. There can be no murder unless there is someone who wishes to experience death. There can be no rape unless there is someone that wishes to experience being raped. There can be no theft unless there is someone that is willing to give up ownership.

   The left hand cannot strike the right unless the right hand is in agreement.

   This is only understandable from a level of understanding that transcends the physical body and sees the illusion for what it is.

   The silent observer sees all that is and knows that it is perfect the way it is. Freedom is the ultimate expression of unconditional love. Choice is absolute freedom to experience physical life in any fashion that you desire. If what you are experiencing is not working for you, change it!

   If you want to move away from all this so called ugliness, then change your thoughts, notice that it exists but do not give it your energy by dwelling on it, and be for something that is more positive and then demonstrate that thought physically.

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