ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


In Everything You Have Choices - Always


As spiritual beings experiencing the physical body and life, our "ego," becomes fearful when it does not believe that it has options, or no way out.

   The ego is fragile, it always fears for its existence and when it finds itself cornered it "freaks out," and looses its ability to reason effectively. It becomes paranoid and delusional, experiencing all kinds of manifestations of a physical mind gone mad.
As the physical mind starts to overload it focuses only on the immediate circumstances that it finds itself in. It cannot see the forest for "the," tree. It stands next to the tree and cannot see around it, above it and moves into a state of single mindedness. You can liken this focus to the fly that keeps banging its body against the window, unable to see or sense the open door behind it.

   Humankind has the inherent ability to get itself into situations as well as get itself out of situations through thought. Thought is the first step in manifesting, there must be a thought before anything can be manifested or created. It is the human thought that creates all that it experiences, hence the expression, "Think yourself out of your situation."

   This kind of fear comes from not being able to see the choices, and from a profound awareness of lack of choice or no choices.

   To be able to appreciate all that choices that you always have, you need to take a moment out to re-evaluate your circumstances. However, timing is a key factor in taking time out to put yourself in the position of the silent observer.
If you are knee deep in alligators, then taking time out may not be appropriate if it is not what you want to experience. You need to get your ass the hell out of there now, and regroup later.

   Having escaped the alligators does not mean you will not go back there. You need to review all the steps and the "root," thought that took you there in the first place. In order to change anything and claim the power to change your circumstances, you must take responsibility for the thought that brought you there. If your thought was that "it wasn't my fault," then you are going no where with this. If you entertain and hold onto the most destructive thought of all "I can't," you will not be disappointed.

   You are not a victim of circumstances, you are creating them. Know this and you will know the great secret to all things that happen in your life and you will retain the power to change them at will.

   Your first step to making immediate changes is to KNOW THAT YOU CAN. Knowing is the shortest route to getting where you want to go, or what you desire.
Faith, trust, hoping, praying, for something to happen will never get you what you desire because these things disempower you and they all happen in the future which never comes. These things are all steps to knowing and in themselves, they cannot bring you what you desire but knowing is absolute, once you know a thing it is final in your experience, you are already there and gratitude is acknowledgement that you already have what you desire, it is the final step. Faith, trust, hoping and praying in themselves are powerless, however in the process of experiencing them a thought will come into your focus that will bring about the change you desire. You must know that the power is in not in your or around you, it is you.

   In alienating yourself from you experience, you must begin to imagine other circumstances. Your thoughts must turn to alternative actions no matter how far fetched or disagreeable they may seem at the time. You must allow yourself the freedom to experience in you mind choices that will liberate you, and move you away from present experience.

   The very act of change will bring change no matter how small it is. The act of changing mind will bring experience of change in your physical life. You do not have to carry through with any of the thoughts that you are imagining. What these new thoughts will do is bring change, the answer that you are seeking will come to you in the moment that you let go them. It will come as a sudden revelation, a physical feeling, "yes," that's it!
You are safe to experience your options in your mind, it is the safest physical way for you to do that. You must tell yourself that you are not going to act upon any of these choices that you are going to think about. Remember when your ego begins to experience choices, then the fears that are holding you back disappear and you can begin to see the forest and other options.

   I believe that most all of us have entertained the thought about killing someone and most of us would not do that, because we do not know ourselves as killers. I believe that once you have gone the distance in your mind, then you can start back tracking and find a less violent action. This thought process also re-assures your ego that you are not a killer and it will make you feel better about yourself. Once you know that you would not kill for instance then you will begin to centre your thoughts on less drastic thoughts.

  It also works for suicide, although this is not a viable end to any situation, it is a choice, it may not be a preference but it is a choice and brings with it an enormous sense of power and I doubt that there has not been anyone that has not imagined it. Remember that as this thought comes up and you begin to feel a greater sense of power, member that that is the purpose of the exercise, to empower you and not necessarily take any action at this time. Taking your life is seldom the ego's choice as the ego by nature fears for its extinction and will fight that thought. If one truly understands the spiritual experience then one knows that the choice of suicide does not work, because until one has dealt with one's situation effectively, it will return to that person at some other time in this life or the next.

   There is no escape, you are here to experience physical life and effectively experience bringing the things into your life that you desire to experience using the talents and natural abilities that you were born with. This is not a hopeless situation but an opportunity and the greatest expression of unconditional love that is yours. You are not a victim of circumstances, you are creating them.

   I am not advocating death, suicide or any other alternatives; I am simply suggesting that you allow yourself to imagine all possibilities in the safety of you mind and then let go of them. I am also saying that if you try to block any of these things from your mind, you will also block the solution that you are looking for. If the thought is disagreeable with you, notice it as it comes up and then simply let it go, don't focus on it.

   Take a few moments after reading this and begin to think about your situation and what you would like to change. Then begin to let your mind wonder without restriction. Notice the internal dialogue pop up as you begin to imagine. Notice them, do not try to get rid of them, and shift your focus back to your original thought.

   Notice how often the words "I can't do that," come up. Just let them go and carry on. There is nothing good or bad about what thoughts are coming up, they are just thoughts, what you are doing here is letting the original thought that is going to change your circumstances come up. It is mixed in with all the others and you need to filter them out. Don't look for them, you will know by the sudden revelation that I mentioned earlier. Go to every extreme that you can think of, you are not going to be judged, remember this is just an exercise. Imagine the worst possible extremes and everything in between.

   Do not expect anything, you can not find a thing while you are looking for it. Give it a rest and go back later as many times as you need to. Watch that internal dialogue telling you what you can and cannot do. You can do anything in your head and no one can stop you, except you.

   In the silence of mind between the choices that you are entertaining will come the answer that you are looking for. More than likely the answer will not be any of the things you are thinking about, but something you have not thought of, that will come to you in a flash.

   Your life is your own and you were given absolute freedom to experience the physical life in anyway that you see fit. All probabilities already exist and you are creating through choice, your choice based on your model of the world and how you see yourself in relationship to it and others. You are the power, you are not powerless. If you do not like what you are experiencing now, choose something else. If the change does not come immediately, keep choosing until it does. To the degree that you know you are the power and the choice, is the degree that you will experience it. You are not a victim unless victim-hood is what you wish to experience and that is also a choice.
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