ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Oh My God

"Oh my God," or "Oh God," are common expressions used world wide involuntarily at moments of recognition of an intense experience.

   Some say it is a quick prayer or mini prayer and it comes out during extreme emotion. In my experience, I have heard it used as acknowledgement of a horrific event, an orgasm or news of a winning ticket. So I believe that it is simply an acknowledgement or affirmation, but I donít really connect it to the physical body so much as I do with the spiritual body.

   I believe that the physical body is just a manifestation of the creator or spiritual body and it is the creator experiencing itself in the physical world. In the realm of the absolute this expression could not be experienced. Extreme joy, fear, hate, anger, delights and pleasures are the outward extremities of emotion. When the physical body experiences one of these it also acknowledges the connection with the one that created the emotion and the physical acknowledgement of that would be the expression of "Oh my God," or "Oh God."

   These expressions are even used by people who are not outwardly connected to spirit, but are used unwillingly to express a moment of pure emotion expressed.

   I believe that it is the creator expressing itself verbally. Everything about the creator is extreme and pure thought is not watered down. But watered down thoughts and emotions (we often fake them) are what we use in the physical life every day. We do not operate in the extreme very often, we move back and forth from it as we learn to deal with it effectively. When we do reach the extreme there is a "Hallelujah," cry from the creator in recognition of reaching that extreme. It is the three parts of mind, body, and spirit coming together for that moment in a brief absolute, overwhelming experience of a pure emotion.

   Humanity at some time experiences all the emotions, however most of our time spend in the physical world is time squandered leading up to the experience of them in their most intense form.

   It is the recognition of a teacher observing the student reaching a mile stone with the "Yes," expression, "I knew you could do it." It is recognition of the validity of the teacher and what the teacher has accomplished and not so much of what the student consummated. It is the teacher expressing him/herself physically and the student is just the pawn. The role of the student was only to give opportunity for the teacher to experience herself as a teacher.

   The role of humanity is to give experience to the one that created it. We are a manifestation of the God experience. We are God experiencing what God is and is not. When we reach the ultimate moment of God experiencing we express that recognition verbally as "Oh My God," or "Oh God." It is said through us, but not by us voluntarily. In that moment "God," (the Creator) has spoken.

   I know it as an affirmation of the connectivity between the physical body and that which created it no matter what you call it. It is that which was lost having been found. In the human condition there is no greater moment than when we make that connection.

   There are only two extreme expressions of emotion and they are opposites, love vs. fear, and even fear is part of love. All others emotions are derived from these two emotions.

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