ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Au Natural

August 2003  


Being natural does not mean, going back to wearing loin cloths and urinating on the spot when we feel the urge, although, that would be quit natural. In an organized society our actions have to fall within a set of parameters, developed by that society, for the benefit and welfare of all itís citizens. Urinating is the street impinges upon the welfare and health of fellow citizens, so we modify our behavior in order that we may stay in the community, whether we agree with the rules or not. We do this from free will, itís a conscious choice that we make. Being natural does not mean we have given up free will to do anything that we wish. Itís a choice between belonging or not. There may be consequences or punishments involved for breaking the rules, but always we have the will to make a decision. The choice is never about breaking rules, but one of compromising our integrity. So why should we be surprised, when our actions do not conform? Why are we shocked when we are brought to task for disobeying the rules. Why are we in conflict with others who expect us to live up to our agreements? BECAUSE IT IS NATURAL TO DO SO.

   We have temporarily forgotten who we are. We are the one, that agreed to the rules. It is our signature on the line. But it is our nature to try and change it for our benefit.

   Tate Montague wrote: Facts and figures never stand a chance in collision with human nature, and the instinct to see things, in oneís own best light.

   In the development that I live in, I signed an agreement before I moved in, that I would follow certain rules. There were certain expectations that were demanded of me in order to maintain my membership. I gave up certain rights or privileges in order to move in. I did it from free will. I did not give up my free will or freedom to break the rules however, once I moved in. So where does the conflict come in? The truth is, the only real conflict is with myself. The governing body expects me to break the rules, otherwise there wouldnít be any. If I broke any of the rules, I would be in accordance with the governing body, because they expect me to.

   There are members here, who for years have never attended a meeting, yet it is a requirement of occupancy to attend several each year. We have rules regarding animals which from time to time are ignored for what ever reason. People have justified these transgressions in their minds, as misdemeanors, who is it hurting? I donít want to go to a meeting so I will ignore it or come up with some excuse. My pet doesnít conform to standards, but who is it hurting? The one question that most often comes up, when good people try to justify their actions is, WHO IS IT HURTING?

   It would seem that it is natural or human, to sell a piece of ourselves for convenience. The truth is we are not really hurting anyone in these situations except ourselves, their lives will move on without us. We can not hide from ourselves, nor can we justify our actions to the subconscious when our actions go against the image we have of ourselves. Each time we do that, we chisel away a bit of the "better" image we have of ourselves. Truly it doesnít really matter to anyone except the person who has to live with it. It is "not" our trip in this life to be perfect or walk the path, but to experience being off of it. It is only then, when we experience being off the path, that can we know when we are on it. Itís what we do naturally. Itís not question of right or wrong, if it goes against how we see ourselves as a person, it simple means that we are doing something that is not working for us at a higher level, given how we see ourselves. The question needs to be asked, does this action truly demonstrate who I know myself to be. If it doesnít, then make the choice that clearly demonstrates who you really are. Your word always demonstrates who you truly are.

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