ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Christmas 2004



It is 2:57 pm on Christmas day. I have not yet uploaded my web site for this week. All day I have been pushing it to the side in favour of other things. It is not that I do not have the time; it is that I am simply lazy. I have been sitting at my computer for most of the day, doing other things. I believe that I have been procrastinating because of this article for Roy Bits.

   I have been pondering what to write about and have not felt the inspiration or energy to get into it. I even went as far as washing the kitchen floor after breakfast hoping something would pop into my head.

   I thought about writing something truly inspiring for my visitors. Maybe there would be something that I could say that would invoke the spirit of Christmas for Christians and non Christians, believers and non believers alike. Nothing has come to mind so far. So I must tell you that it is a day of opportunity, a time that you can choose to experience anything that you desire, simply by thinking about it. Think thoughts of peace and you will experience it. Think thoughts of war and it will become part of your awareness. Hell, it is Christmas, choose whatever you desire and know that for at least a day you had a shot at it.

   Christmas is just another day that brings with it the choice of how you will experience it. It is full of hope, love, turkey and contradictions.

   Earlier this month I decided to choose peace and quiet this year. For the next three days I will enjoy the solitude and peace of my own space. I thought I would enjoy the food that is in my fridge, by cooking it up myself instead of visiting the many restaurants I go to each week.

   My former partner of three years dropped off a Christmas present for me two weeks ago and it has been sitting on the kitchen table since then. I know what it is and have managed to hold out till this morning before opening it. It is exactly what I asked for even though I did not specify type or colour. Santa brought a wonderful housecoat made of the same material used to cover soft stuffed toys, so I have been walking around the house for most of the day feeling like one of my stuffed animals and being reminded of the nick name (Teddy Bear) that she gave me. It has also left me with a certain hollow feeling, as she is no longer here to squeeze me.

   My hangover from yesterdayís office party is just about all gone and I can feel real blood running through my veins and bringing new energy with it. I have only one light burning in my office/bedroom where I am now working. Throughout the rest of my house I have candles burning. Candles bring a certain peace and tranquility to the setting and remind me that Christmas was once a time of peace. Here is where the contradiction comes in. I have never experienced Christmas as peaceful.

   Isnít it ironic that during the Christmas holidays the season of peace, all you are reminded of is there are wars going on, we are surrounded by famine and pestilence? We are on the verge of extinction and most of us live in poverty.

   Never during any other part of the year do we work so hard to feel a sense of peace and oneness with each other and yet separate ourselves even further from it by fighting back against the reminders that are brought forward every Christmas.

   If ever there was a time of year that the pressure was greater to have us feel guilty, I donít know when it would be. To know peace, one must have peace of mind. If you are to experience peace then maybe all these reminders that we see on TV and newspapers could come forth sometime after Christmas. A new International Worldwide Awakening of what is going on in the world perhaps.

   Between last minute things to do and the racing around, I now resign myself to the fact that Christmas only offers a promise of peace. It is something you have to make happen for yourself, it is not a guaranty. It is also something that you have difficulty experiencing, even on the most peaceful day of all.

   Christmas is one of those spots on the calendar that offers an opportunity to experience whatever it is that you desire for one special day. There may not be peace anywhere else in the world, but in my world for today and the next two there is nothing but peace. I cannot think peace while I am busy thinking about all the other things.

   I love the silence and tranquility of my space, but much like the exhausting after effects of sex, you must have space and push yourself away so that you can once again be drawn back to it. So I am now thinking the 50% off sale at Ikea tomorrow would afford me the opportunity to experience the noise and chaos of a harried Boxing Day shopping spree.

   I need more bookshelves for my growing library and opportunity is knocking at the doors of Ikea. The one major difference between a Boxing Day sale and all out war is that there is no Geneva Convention to cover the atrocities of people suffering from "buyers rage," in a shopping frenzy.

   I see this local event as a welcome opportunity to contrast what is waiting for me at home.

   There cannot be the experience of peace without war. Once experience, there is no need to experience the other until it fades from memory. A thousand years of peace can be experienced so long as you are not too busy fighting wars. You cannot be for peace while you are focused on being against war.

   In the little time you have during this holiday, experience the peace that you so much desire. Make your peace; donít wait for it to come to you. Smile at a stranger in the next couple of days and experience peace instantly.

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