ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter





Participation is the joining in on life. We join in on activities with others, because we intuitively recognize a connection and the activity is an opportunity to bond with others. We desire to bond with others because we understand at some level we are reuniting with the whole. If you have ever observed a lava lamp you can see how this bonding and separating works. It is not only necessary to bond, but also necessary to separate and disconnect.

   The large bubble in the lamp will break down into smaller bubbles, the separation gives relativity and individuality, to each bubble. This is vital to our existence. Physical love and sex have the same characteristics. We have an urgency to bond, then just as quickly we push away. We need space to individualize once again. In our individuality and separation, we can look back on the whole and experience itís magnificence. We have a greater understanding of who we are in relationship to the whole. We can also observe the other individualities as magnificent. In participation we observe sameness as well as the unique differences that distinguish us as individuals. People who do not participate in life or lifeís activities, may temporarily loose site of their connectiveness. They begin to dwell on their smallness and can not appreciate their relationship to the whole. Participation is essential to holistic living. We can not judge another for non-participation. We must understand that their non-participation has purpose as well. On a conscious level the non-participants may not see the connection, or fear involvement, lest they loose their individuality. They may not want to be swept away and joined to something they may not be able to separate from again. They have powerful egos that fear for their survival. By not connecting however the egoís survival becomes less secure and that reinforces their fear, that they have become lost, and so disconnected that there is no way they may return to the whole, and join in. Participation secures ones individuality and autonomy, by allowing the individual to compare herself with others, so that she may see the differences and separate once again. Life is a constant joining and separating, it is the cycle of life.

  Participation guarantees individuality, and does not take away from it.

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