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I donít know why we are still getting the morning paper, I stopped reading it years ago, because it was so dam depressing.

   Vicky wanted it, because she needed to read the financial section for her work. Because I get up earlier than her, I pick it up from the steps every morning and bring it in. During the war with Iraq and the US, I started noticing and paying attention to the front page headlines. They has been staring me in the face every morning. I started reading them, and cursed myself every time.

   I know better than to read or watch anything about it on TV. I believe that by doing this, I am perpetuating the war as well. I am altruistically participating in it. While doing this, my attention is drawn away from all the positive things in life that exist around me. I am exposing myself to negatively that I do not want to experience. After a period of time I would be assimilated into the believe that there is nothing but doom and gloom in the world, and that would be my new reality.

   Both the world at war and the world at peace exist simultaneously in the same space. What becomes reality, is what you focus on. If you see nothing but war, then you are correct in observing that the world is at war. If you see nothing but peace then once again you would be correct in observing that all is at peace. Both observations are correct.

   Heaven and Hell exist here on earth at the same time and in the same space. There are those that would tell you, that if you do not see the struggles, war, and violence, you just have your head up your ass. "You canít pretend that it doesnít exist," they would say.

   They would be correct. The difference is that they are focused on all of those things and you may not be. You can not eliminate war, it does exist. You can not fool yourself into believing that it doesnít exist. You can not eliminate war by being against it, by marching, by protesting, by jumping out into the middle of the battle field and yelling out "stop, peace."

   The way to peace is to simply know peace. When you begin to focus on peace, that is what you will create in your reality and in your world. You will not experience war, because you do not know war. You will not notice the pictures and images of war. You will not draw them into your life or your focus. You will find and surround yourself with people that know peace and talk of peace. You will not be drawn into conversations of war, struggle, and violence.

   Itís just as simple to create a world of peace as it is a world of war. Itís all in your mind.

   One of the first steps to manifesting, is to know what you desire. You think about it, and you imagine it in your mind. How you talk, what you watch on TV, how you relate to others, and what you read, opens your world up to observation and is a physical record of how you perceive your world.

   There are no innocent victims. No one is a victim of violence unless at some level they have agreed with the violator to be victimized. This goes both for the so called innocent 3 year old, as well as the holiest of beings. On a spiritual level the victim has to be in complete agreement with the aggressor in order for violence to occur. The reason for this is because we are all one soul. You cannot clap your left hand unless your left hand remains in position and time to be slapped. This concept is most difficult for one to understand. It can only be understood at a very high level of awareness. At the most basic of human experiences, it sounds cruel and even evil. I donít expect most to understand this. But truly it comes from the top and is the highest expression of unconditional love.

   The bottom line is; if you want peace, then choose peace. Do not condemn war, but do not bring it into your life. Know peace and you shall have peace. Create your life as you desire it to be and demonstrate it physically by living in peace. Peace begins in your head, extends to your family, your friends, your co-workers and your neighbourhood.

   Stand back and notice what is peaceful in your life, then add to it.

Roy is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. An international published author, a student of NLP, spiritual philosopher, New Age Light Worker, Teacher and Phenomenologist. Roy's books and articles are thought provoking, and designed to empower your imagination.Review Roy's new book at: