ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Who Are Ya Gonna Call



When you pray to God, and he/she doesnít answer, who do you call?

   One of the most ill-fated circumstances of dualistic thinking is that we look outside of ourselves for the creator and we donít find him, we become discouraged, and give up. Our thoughts change, and our power is weakened, and we do not get what we desire. When God does not answer prayer, who are you going to turn to. Where are you going to look for God? How powerless are you, that you can not do for yourself?

   Dualistic thinking has been the salvation of the church for thousands of years. Itís what keeps them in business. If God will not answer your prayers, you turn to the church for answers. The church will give you more dualistic answers and require your support for their services. The church is the great divider of your personal power.

   If this system is working for you and it brings all the things in your life that you desire, donít change it. I do not advocate changing anything that is working for you. However, it makes little sense to me to keep doing a thing that does not bring the results that you desire. It makes even less sense to give away the power you already have to create what you want, via the middle man.

   In New Age thought, we know that each of us is an individualized piece of the creator in physical form. Therefore each piece has all the attributes and characteristics of the whole. We also have the total power of the whole, because we are not separated spiritually. The power of God is within us, is us and our thoughts control it.

   With awareness comes power and understanding. As you free yourself to accept that you have the power, you will begin to use it. The more you use it, the stronger that you get, and the more power you will have access to. Itís there for you, it always was. Your parents and forefathers gave up their power and schooled you in the same thought process.

   Power is just power, it has no thought. Like electricity, it is just there. It waits for your command. You are the switch that directs its use. God is the source, you direct the source in your physical life. It is your thought that activates the source to create what you desire. You do it every second of everyday throughout your life. It is only your limiting thoughts that does not allow you to use the full potential of the power that is available to you.

   Even as you are reading this, you are thinking, sure, I am not God, I cannot snap my fingers and create $31 million dollars, world piece or abundance for all. And of course you would be right, that "thought," would work for you. The one word in the above sentence that stops you from doing just that is "cannot." If that is what you believe, that is what you create.

   There is only one word that demonstrates absolute power and that is choice. All possibilities already exist. World peace already exists, abundance for all, already exists, joy and happiness already exists. We simply havenít chosen it yet.

   We create all the things and circumstances in our lives through "choice." When I leave my house in the morning and reach the end of the drive way, I choose to turn right. I have demonstrated my power by making a decision to turn right, because I am the driver and I am directing the circumstances of my life.

   When I make any other choice during the course of the day, I am demonstrating my power, I am creating through choice. If I do not give up my power to another, then I will have what I desire. If I choose not to be angered by the hurtful comments of another, I do not give up my power to them, and demonstrate my power very clearly, I choose to be happy, not angry.

   There is no God to turn to. The God that you are looking for is you. You are an individualized peace of God manifesting in human form. You are connected always to source, because you are the source. You do not need permission to use it, except for the permission that you give yourself. You are limited in power, only by your thoughts about it.

   Who are ya gonna call, when God does not answer your prayers. Look to yourself for the power to create what it is that you are praying for, and you will receive what you desire. Get up off your knees and be demanding in your choices. There is no where to look, nothing to look for. What you see in the mirror is that which is creating what you are looking at. Exercise your power, take back what you have given away. Donít give up choice. Start recreating your life and its circumstances by making choices that will bring you what you desire. Become the silent observer of your life and watch the choices that you are making, and where they are taking you. Listen to that voice and make adjustments and alterations (choices) in your life, that will bring you inline with how you see yourself in relationship to your environment and the model of your world. Choose who and what you want to be or experience. Live in the image of self, not another.

   Do not let the ghosts that you create, control your life, become a ghost buster!

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