ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


I Come With Only One Gift For You



There are more than a dozen legal pads of notes, on my desk that have taken me about a year to write. For most of the year I have been writing one or two pages each morning. The writing is impressive and I need one of them to put into Roy Bits this week. I have been agonizing for the last 3 days about what to put on the page. I have so many choices. None of them seems appropriate and I am compelled to sit down at the computer as I am now doing and write something fresh. I have no idea what that will be. Most of the time this is not a problem for me, the words just start appearing on the page while I type. Itís not working this time. Time has been freed up for me to do this and the brain is dead.

   Good writers are prepared for this, and have articles put aside for a rainy day. Well, itís raining today and I have articles, and here I am fumbling away, waiting for something to happen. There is really something that I need to tell you, that is not in the pile of paper in front of me. There is something that I need to give you. Itís what I have been trying to give you on this site for more than a year.

   This site is about empowerment. That is what I want you to come to know. I want you to know that you have the power within you to create anything that you desire, at will. My views often are very strong and I anger easily when I see people continuously struggle, doing the same things that do not work. I often appear arrogant in my approach to spirituality, because I know that the system works and that anyone can use it to their advantage.

   I do not like symbols, affirmations, prayers, meditation or anything else that takes away oneís power. As a collector, I find them fascinating, but I try not to use anything. Non of these things are necessary in the process of creation. They are useful only in focusing oneís attention to what we desire at the moment. The creation comes only after we have let go of the above and accept the choice we made, to manifest a thought into physical reality. After all the praying, asking, pleading, sacrifices and rituals, it all comes down to us doing the thing. It is you that is doing the creating and nothing else is needed to make it happen. This is bare bones manifesting, no name creating.

   Acceptance, gratitude and knowing are acknowledgements that we have in fact created what we desire. They are the only things necessary in activating the process of manifestation and creation. Faith and belief are steps to knowing, but are not the creative process. The creative process is activated by simply knowing the you already have what you desire. This is the shortcut and it works, guaranteed by God him/herself.

   The problem with this statement is that it is too simple, and sweeping for most people to accept it. It has worked in my life and I know the power that is at my hands and yours. There simply is nothing you have to do to prepare for or qualify for or be deserving for, to make it work. To the degree that one is able to accept the outcome of his desires, will be the degree to which he manifests that outcome.

   Over the centuries, mankind has created a whole collection of cryptic rituals and prequalifications that we are required follow. These things distract our energy, and slow the process down. The rituals become more important than what it is that we want to create. In the process we have forgotten that we are the power and nothing or no one else, is.

   Man has been on his knees for thousands of years, begging for what he can create in less than a heart beat. The result of any process should be observable. If praying worked, most all of us would already have what we wanted. There is nothing wrong with praying, it is an acknowledgement a step to knowing. Prayers can never be answered as long as they are prayers. As long as you are praying or asking, you are demonstrating that you do not have what you are praying for.

   Depending on whom you think you are praying to, you are giving your power to create away, to the receiver of your prayers. That will always leave you waiting and wanting. Prayers are in fact answered, and the power of prayer and other affirmations comes from within, with self.

   It is this connection that I want so much for people to remember. I can not empower anyone. I do not own your power. Only you can take ownership of what you already have, and never give it away. By taking responsibility for owning the power and using it, will you create what you desire.

   There is only one reason and one reason only for not being able to create or manifest what you want. It is that you know you can not do or have it. Change this dead end. Do something different if what you are doing now does not work. Choose something else.

   Try this one simple, small change in your life, and feel that power start to come out from within your body. Replace this one word "want" with the word "choose."

   I "choose" to have a new pair of shoes, instead of I "want" and new pair of shoes. I "choose" not to argue with this person, instead of I donít "want" to argue with this person. I "choose" to be happy, instead of I "want" to be happy. Notice where the power is. "I choose," is demanding and strong. It is very powerful and final. Once you have made a choice, all other possibilities vanish.

   How much more simpler could it be. No real effort is needed, but the results are so powerful. Whenever you substitute the word "want" for "choose" you will get stronger. You will begin to find your power and use it effectively to create what you desire in your life.

   If this simple little thing is too difficult for you, then you already know the tremendous power in your own limitations. If you can not even bring yourself to try, you will discover your worst enemy, then where is it that I can send you, or what can I tell you that would help you? You simply are not ready to move to the next step. You can trust this, it will be much more difficult not to try now, because having read this, you must now force yourself to stick with your old beliefs. You must, keep telling yourself forever more, not to try, it doesnít work. A big chip has been taken out of your fortress and you must now reinforce it.

   Reading back on what I have written, I feel confident that this is the message, that I wanted to give to you.

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