ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Making Choices



Over the last few years I have written that we, as a race of people, are creating our environment and all the circumstances of our existence. There is something more to it than that. Although we are creating everything, we are not creating the substance or the stuff of life. We are creating through the process of making choices.

   All possibilities, all probabilities already exist. We simple choose which one it is that we want to experience.

   A great example of how the system works was printed in one of the Conversation with God books, by Neale Donald Walsch. In this book God likened our creating process to a childís video game. All possible moves of the joy stick have been programmed into the video game. There is no move that has not been thought of. When the child moves the joy stick, he/she is just making a choice between the programmed moves. Each game played is unique, because the moves are endless. The game is created by the choices that the kid makes. The game itself is not a game until someone plays it. And it is never played the same way twice.

   Humanity plays the game of life in much the same fashion. When we leave for work in the morning-we drive to the end of the driveway and make a choice. We never do it exactly the same way. Even if we take the same route for fifty years the choices are endless, and if we were to review our life, we could see that we did it a little different each time.

   That is our purpose here. To experience life in as many ways as humanly possible. Through our individuality the creator has made this possible. It is the creator of the stuff of life that is experiencing his creation through us, in our individuality. Because it can never be experienced exactly the same. All living things are part of the huge puzzle. Every one piece is as important as the next, in order to recreate the whole. No piece can ever be missing. The sum of the parts makes the whole.

   When we choose to experience something in our life, we can do that more directly simply by stating, that we choose to experience a thing. The statement for example, "I choose to have wealth, is very powerful." "I want wealth," is the weakest, and only brings an experience of wanting. The statement "I will create wealth," is not effective either, because we can not really create something that already exists, that is wealth. So to experience what wealth is, we must choose to experience it.

   When there is a need to experience a thing, the most powerful statement is; "I choose this, or that." What ever follows the word "I," becomes the command and must be followed. "I" is the authority, "choose," is the command. The universe (creator) has no choice but to follow. Whatever you choose shall be yours.

   Be careful what you choose. Stick with it and donít change your mind. All choices must be made with due consideration and purpose. The more you choose, the better will be your results. Give up choice and you give up your power. But do not confuse the system, if you keep changing your mind you will not experience your first choice, you will experience choosing.

   In the experience of your life, become a good choice maker. Know that you can have anything that you desire, if you choose it. Do not judge how it comes to you, but leave yourself open to receive it. Be grateful for what it is you desire. Gratitude is recognition of something that already is, and is the fastest way to get what you want. Do not try to control the process. It is your thoughts that will interfere with the process and you will not manifest what you desire.

   Try some affirmations to help you practice this process. In your everyday affairs, replace the word "want," with the words "I choose." "I want" money, with the words, "I choose" to have money. Which statement is more powerful? You will get it. The opportunity will come your way, have patience and become aware of whatís happening in your current lifeís situation. Watch for changes, and make good choices when the opportunity comes up.

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