ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


A Walk With The Living Dead


Today is the first day of the rest of your life. This phrase has being going around the planet for a long time. It actually gets right to the point. You are creating your life in every moment of now. Every day is a new beginning, every breath that you take is another decision to live.

   Your life is on autopilot. The bodily functions happen despite your conscious thought about it. No life is ever wasted, but some go through life as the living dead. One of the distracters of life is routine. Growth and change are stagnated or discouraged in exchange for a measure of security, these souls are rigid and predictable, breathing, but not alive.

   You have heard that life is for the living. The physical world is a buffet, every possible opportunity for growth has been laid out as a probability, one only has to choose. The movement comes from choice, life is continuous and always moving. Life can not exist for long in the box, and fear is a poor dinner companion. Fear robs you of choice. Routine and fear are broken by making choices, when life is chosen they can not keep up and life is assured. Change is the vehicle of life, security comes from getting used to change and seeking its comfort.

   From small changes in your life comes bigger opportunities. Life cascades when you begin to be involved, movement is created and draws more movement. A decision to get up in the morning leads to other probabilities and choices. Rise 15 minutes earlier than normal, change your routine or order of events, begin to think about what you are doing. Make a decision to go out for breakfast or go a different way to work.

   Notice a difference in how you are experiencing your life. It may even be uncomfortable at first, that is change also, by the end of the day, that feeling will have disappeared and you will catch yourself wanting to drive the same way home. You will gain a whole new perspective. Life will become more exciting, new possibilities will present themselves to you.

   A conscious decision for change, is a vote for life. Walking with the living dead may appear to be life, but there is little growth. Which will you choose. Be wary of making a habit of change just for the sake of change. If this is  where your have your  focus, instead of the opportunities, then life will pass you by.

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