ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Spiritual Malpractice


Is spiritual malpractice a new term for you? Well itís been practiced for as long as organized religion has been established. What would be the purpose of organizing a religion except to perpetuate a belief system, and selling it. Quit simply, that is spiritual malpractice.

   The very act of organizing a religion, creates a bureaucracy that must be kept fed. In order to kept the institution going, the bureaucracy must find supporters and or convert, non believers. This is where the term, spiritual malpractice comes in. When one intends to convert a non believer he is committing spiritual malpractice. Most of these conversions then are for support of the institution, rather that the spiritual development of the one to be converted. Fear is the tool that is most used to convert new candidates, and fear is what holds the organization together.

   It would be most difficult to organize or established an institution that would survive for long, if they did not have steady followers and donators. This is one of the reasons that New Age has been slow at catching on initially. Seekers have been slowly emerging, one at a time for over half a century. These believers have been scattered all over the world and seldom in contact with each other on a conscious level. Many have been persecuted or killed when their beliefs have come to light, and mostly by organized religions. Itís only been in the last 50 or 60 years that many have had any substantial notoriety.

   New Age allows for freedom to explore all beliefs, all possibilities and is therefore unorganized. Itís hard to follow New Age, because it evolves so rapidly. It is always moving and difficult to define. So New Age could be applied to almost any new belief system as long as it evolves. New Age does not therefore practice spiritual malpractice. It encourages all to find their own truth, to change it when it doesnít work for them and not be bond by it, but simply use it as a spring board to something more advanced or evolved. New Age encourages the natural evolution of the soul, no matter what the belief system.

   A set dogma for New Age can not be found, because new agersí move on, they are constantly exploring, adapting what works, and deleting what doesnít work. New Age is based on observation, not blind faith. If a system is working you must be able to see it work.

   Exploitation of the ignorant is not practiced, because it is spiritual malpractice to try to pressure another into accepting your truth. All are considered perfect no matter where they are spiritually, given their model of the world and their relationship to it. All those that have awakened are encouraged, to become seekers of their own truth, but none are awakened prematurely.

   In relationship, all beliefs are relative. New Age can not be New Age unless it is compared to another belief system. Therefore New Age honours all systems. It incorporates the best qualities of all systems and expands on them. New age is always conscious that the one who sets himself up as the Buddha is a fraud. There are no religious leaders in New Age, only guides, counsellors and light workers, always lighting the way, but never suggesting that one goes there.

   Spiritual Malpractice, is simply one of those things that is neither good or bad, it simply doesnít work for New Age.

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